Weekend Past – Little Darlings Dining

Hello you, yes you. Firstly how was your day?  You have taken the time to look on the sites of a gazillion (sic) blogs and chose one of mine to read, for that I thank you 🙂 I don’t have beautiful photos, I don’t have a million followers. I write just what springs forth my head. In fact I am very surprised that I get people liking my posts, for they really have no deep meaning. So again I thank you if you have taken the time to read my random ramblings.

Well, we  are almost at Hump Day ( well in Australia we are)  Yes Wednesday, that day of the working week that we have reached only by battling our Monday -itis, followed closely by I don’t want to be here Tuesday. The day that we go into our mundane (or for the lucky ones) not so mundane places of employment and know there is a light at the  end of the tunnel – that being Friday! For then the weekend is upon us and we can rejoice and be merry and escape into our own personal lives instead of jobs.

Last weekend I sat with a dear friend at a local Restaurant for lunch. We had been work companions a few years back and unfortunately we only seem to catch up once a year for ‘What’s been happening in your life since we last met lunch’. The table next to us a mother, her mother and 2 small children. Bacon and eggs placed in front of youngens. The smaller of the two, probably just 2 years of age grabbing his fork like he’s holding a microphone, swaying it back & forth and in circles.

Stabbing said fork now into the egg to try and pick up a piece, he doesn’t look impressed as mum has ‘forgotten’ to cut it up into little pieces..well let’s say mum was probably one of the free thinking mums who believed in letting her child work it out for themselves.

Clearly he wasn’t impressed and when not having any luck with it commenced on the bacon, which he also couldn’t cut and since mum wasn’t helping out, the only option was to jam the end of this very large piece into his tiny mouth. Oops no he didn’t like that, chewing ferociously the bacon that was in his mouth was defiantly spat out like a mother bird regurgitating.  Let’s try the egg again you say? No, like a missile without warning his fork was flung across the table onto the floor narrowly missing my head. Ah…good times.

Happy Hump Day everyone!

**My Memoir –  The Empty Nest A Mother’s Hidden Grief is now available on Amazon and Lulu (J M Kadane)**

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