Repeat after me…. “Arr”

For those of you that are in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s you may only have to say this as a remark when seeing something new, figuring out the Rubiks Cube , looking at something sweet or finally understanding something.

For those of you in your 50’s and beyond (as I am) you will find this word per se used with more common frequency than ever before.

Examples: –  Getting out of bed, trying to get up from the couch, sitting down on the couch, bending down to put your shoes on, reaching up for something on the top shelf or lifting something.

We get older we tend to ‘arr’ far more, I don’t know the reason, it just spills forth with every action we seem to do, unless you can catch yourself prior to ‘arr-ing’ it will just appear without any explanation as to why. So good luck trying to stop this natural progression you ‘youngens’ 🙂  


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