Keep your eyes ever upwards and not upon the skin

or Mags Models and Moi.

So I just returned from getting new tyres put on my car. A “blokey” (Aussie term for man) atmosphere without a female in sight, at least there was a coffee machine.

I sat down in front of the coffee table in the ‘waiting room’ with the not so abundant array of magazines ahead of me. The choice admittedly was rather dismal. Yes, ‘yee har’ there were mags for the boys on tyres, and 4 wheel drives and the like about 5 and 2 mags for the women folk.

Vogue and another glossy high fashion one with Jennifer Anniston on the cover (I remember her) but not the magazine title. I sat with my skirt and T shirt on sipping my machine made latte (taking note this is the 1st warm day we have had since Winter has ceased) so my bare white skin was that of a beacon heralding the arrival of Spring.

Casting my eyes on the pages and flicking through, with stunning photographs (all touched up by the way) of the glamourous models and the expensive haute couture clothing that adorned their silken bronzed bodies. I gazed in awe at how pretty the clothes were and indeed how perfectly unmarked (almost store mannequin) were the models that wore them.

Sadly I looked downwards to my arm holding said magazine and looked at my pale, slightly freckled, corrugated arm that was holding it up. Rearranging my skin so that the corrugation wasn’t on full view (even to myself any longer) I continued glancing through the pages.

The meaning of this post?  I have lived in this body for 57 years and as much as it sometimes makes me go ‘ugh’ I have  no choice but continue living in it. The models in the mags are all young, stunning, air brushed and haven’t had kids.

I am older, bore 2 children and definitely not air-brushed and for gods sake don’t get me started on my legs! I just won’t look down anymore.


2 thoughts on “Keep your eyes ever upwards and not upon the skin

  1. Do NOT look down no.

    I once heard someone state, “Do not read beauty magazines, they will only make you feel ugly.” How true. Every now and again I buy one (why oh why do we punish ourselves this way?) … but I try to be good. I try not to leave them around so that my duaghter see’s them.

    *gets back to you blog post*

    Our bodies … our minds … they are imperfect …but they are us. You. Me. That woman over there. We can take care of ourselves the best we can … sometimes it helps. Sometimes life intervenes with its own wickedness. But we play the cards we are dealt … and all we can do is make the best of things. I think you have realized that. Reading your posts helps me to realize that too …or at least I am trying …

  2. I am glad that we can draw inspiration from one another on these sites, I like your reply and yes life itself can intervene grrr – but I thank you for popping in again. 🙂 Hopefully when the light bulb flashes in my head there may be more inspiration!

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