Is there such a thing as too many blogs?

For it seems I cannot help myself and probably should slooooow down, but there is so much rattling around this brain of mine it’s hard to do that.

For instance I just stood outside, yes we now have Spring in Australia (though today you would have hardly thought it). The blossom trees are flowering, the fressias have emerged from the cold dark soil with their brilliant colours. The lemon tree is prolific with fruit and of course the birds now start tweeting and making themselves known at 5am (bless them…)

So why when all this beautiful nature is surrounding me that the day is cold and it even hailed this afternoon? However I do live in Melbourne (acclaimed for having 4 seasons in one day) and now even when it still is very fresh outside the sun decides to appear. I just don’t understand. I wish to have the weather of Thailand, tropical, humid and even when it does rain you can splash amongst the puddles or lift your face to the sky to be rained upon.

When Spring does commence in earnest, I shall be happy for the warmer days and shan’t complain. When our summer hits with its temperatures of up to 44 degrees (that’s Celcius not Farenheit which I think is around 107) then I shall probably complain that it’s too hot!

Ahh yes an age thing of always commenting on the weather…. well there you have it.

Perhaps I should have titled this Seasons.


2 thoughts on “Is there such a thing as too many blogs?

  1. I say that you are the master of your own blogging needs. One a day? Maybe two? Or less? One a week? Maybe it varies on the time you have and the need to unfloat the thoughts *smiles*

    Though if you keep blogging I will keep reading!

    PS ~ 44 C = 111 F Ack!!!!!

    • Ahh Katie yes we are our own masters, in fact I woke today thinking do I don’t I?
      Possibly later on if the urge overwhelms me but for now a little tired.
      Thank you for saying you will keep reading as I will do yours!!
      111 F really? Worse than I thought..maybe that’s a new blog getting the conversions right *laughing*. Thanks as usual for reading my dribble.

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