Shopping Expedition

Oh hell I have reached that point in my life where well and truly (and probably a tad late in recognising the fact) or more so wanting to admit the fact, that it’s more than a nightmare to clothes shop for myself.

Today I walked round the shops with Mr S, Mr.S patiently waited outside some of the stores and also joined in the quest to find a work shirt for me. I (the majority of the time) trust his judgement when it comes to clothes, and I was simply on the trail for a light cotton/viscose short sleeve shirt to wear with a black skirt.

Do you think honestly you clothing designers and manufacturers thereof that it would be so difficult to make said shirt?

It appears so (tuts) in disgrace. Women of my vintage (sorry maturity) do not want to look like mutton dressed as lamb, nor do we want to look like we are 3 breaths away from a Nursing Home. I don’t want to bare my full arm much anymore, so I don’t want your sleeveless numbers. I don’t want a shirt that has so much elastine/spandex in it that you have to constantly pull it down to fit over your boobs, or yank on the sleeves to stop it riding up. I don’t want a shirt that has a deep round neck that doesn’t sit right. I don’t want a shirt that you can see all my torso through.I don’t want a shirt with puffy sleeves that makes me look like a potato sack.

How hard is it??? Very it seems, All I ask for was a shirt with a collar in a light summer material with short sleeves that weren’t that tight that they’d  show up any corrugation, and you didn’t have to look at my navel, without taking it off.

Then it was the mission to find a pair of nice black slightly wide leg linen pants for work, no fancy details, plain in front and back and sitting nicely on the tush area. Easy you say?  WRONG. Again OMG we had buttons, we had buttons on back pockets on the bum, we had draw string waists, we also had elasticised waists at the back and draw string at front and the piece de resistance was cargo type pockets above the knees!

Women of my (maturity) unite! Men can stroll into a clothes store, look at the pants on display – 2 choices casual or dressy and choose. Shirts also same thing – casual or dressy – all they have to worry about is the colour and pattern. Well, let me tell you we have also to contend with that.

Don’t get me started on the ‘young brand shops’ with there doof – doof booming in your ear – maybe that’s a way of scaring the oldies out as soon as they set foot in their doors. Of course the sales items where you possibly may be lucky to find something you want , but only if you are a size 6 or 8 (2 or 4 American sizes) or sizes for our lovely full – figured women.

Needless to say I walked away pant less and shirtless.

**Swear words swear words**

11 thoughts on “Shopping Expedition

  1. oh lord … I now find myself looking in clothing sections I would not have been caught dead in 10 or 15 years ago.

    I will admit, it’s “easy” to find thing I like if I go into an Ann Tyler shop or some such … but you know, I really do NOT care to spend that kind of $ for such things anymore (well…sometimes, but RARELY).

    And truth be told … I love rummaging though thrift stores … just because I like the idea of recycling … and that is recycling in its own way. (The cost, or lack thereof, is a plus …. and also knowing my buying from these places helps out these organizations.)

    All that said … I am with you (as I rail against those who can wear size 2 ..or ack…size 0….really?!?!?!???)….women of vintage unite!!!!

  2. Oh, god! Those clothing shops! I think they should have a size-o-meter at the door (like the ones at the Show for rides) – ‘If you’re this size please don’t bother entering’. I am by no means a ‘big’ woman. I am tall and perfectly weighted for my height, but you think I can fit into anything in the ‘young’ shops? NO. I struggle to get the L size on. I used to be a coat hanger and could wear anything, but aging changes your shape and it can get a little depressing at times.


  3. I am in the same boat, though Aussie size 12. I walk into a women’s clothing store, look around for a while, and walk out again. There is so much cheap clothing of very poor quality around – and it is UGLY!! My place of refuge is in the opportunity (recycled clothing etc.) shops. Though sometimes it is hard to find anything there. I am becoming used to the idea that ‘less is more’. We need some brave dressmakers to start up what should be a fast growing business. Someone, help us…please.

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