It’s a quiet day in blogisphere…so I just talk gibberish

My American friends are sleeping ssshhhhh & my UK friends may have peaked with one eye at their alarm clocks, or mobile phones & thrown the pillow over their heads saying “just another an hour, it’s Saturday”!! (Forgive me for not having looked up different world time zones for my other friends)

So WAKEY WAKEY you lot, here in sunny Melbourne……yes you heard me right the sun is actually out . Spring has sprung.. well for today anyway.

I’ve done some gardening and actually been able to hang washing on the line..

you heard it here 1st ladies and gentlemen..THE LINE, where the gentle breeze and warmth of the sun dry them till their fluffy and aromatic.

Ah bliss… apart from the Drum Roll please….

Public Enemy Numero Uno – The Magpie (not the football team…well ok them as well)

Spring heralds and so does the fatal Magpie, swooping down attacking its victimswithout any respect for those that may walk, run, jog, skip or ride their bicycles. But I pose this question “Oh Australian feathered beast….how the heck are we to know where you nests are??? Huh I mean seriously, so what you’re saying is back off from any park lands, bike tracks, buildings, houses where you may be nesting? Tad unreasonable don’t you think”?

We are innocent and bear you no harm – believe us when we tell you , (sounds like a line from a song) we would rather stick a paper clip in our eyes than have the wrath of you mighty flighted Aves – so please let us go about our business without being pecked on the head or clawed on our arms… and you can go about yours.

Luckily we don’t have to contend with such winged foolery when summer reaches… but we do have to be on careful look out for the bronzed, well built, six-pack abdomen adorable Life Savers.. Arriving soon at a beach near you.

(Said in the Promo Movie Guys voice)

12 thoughts on “It’s a quiet day in blogisphere…so I just talk gibberish

    • Oh dear – did I bring back painful memories… ?? 😦
      Sorry hun – thankfully they have never got me (yet)
      I dread walking down the bike path near home for fear of the attack…enter Alfred Hitchcock! 🙂

      • Hahaha – no painful memories for me 🙂 It was a while ago. Now I’m just very careful when I know they’re around.

        So right about the Alfred Hitchcock fear 😀

      • Magpies???? Magpies? You two are talking about magpies after mumsy posted Mr. Beware Of down at the bottom of her blog?

        I mean ok…I might be talking about magpies too…but only if one attacked me and I made believe I fell over in front of Mr. Swimmer Man so I can have mouth to mouth.

        Wait .. mouth to mouth? From a magpie attack?

        Uhmmm … errrr … I hate when I cannot tie my random dorky thoughts together. I will blame it on swooning at Mr. Yum But Too Young For Me’s picture. That or the fact that a magpie was swooping down at me?


  1. I’m lucky to have lots of magpies here (feathered) and some come up to the door for food but so far no swoopers (we’ve been here almost three years) I love waking up to their warbling. Years ago I was attached and it’s something you never forget – I’m sure I still duck when I see them. I’m also married to one of the other sort of magpies but I won’t tell anyone if you won’t 🙂

    • Hello & welcome and thank you for reading and your comment …ssshhh I won’t tell a soul (about your other half) …as far as our feathered friends are concerned I like their warbling I’m just not partial to their swooping! 🙂

    • Yes my love we have magpies in Australia (also if you following the football team Collingwood) – they are known as magpies (black & white). I was so confused by your 1st post…no not really I did follow, laughing at your random thoughts of magpies and swimmer man (Life Saver) …in fact I keep re-reading & giggling…you are precious xx

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