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This is how I feel…. sad but true…. a fact of every day life. I haven’t posted for a while due to a new job and the brain draining of having to learn new things at my age. Which prompted this blog in so many directions (well at least 2). The strange thing is I read a post from http://irishkatie.wordpress.comย and she had written a very similar blog as to what was invading my head space the last few days.

So to be as brief as possibly, for those of you that are interested. I think I may have over posted myself (vision of me in an envelope being shoved into a post box) but even as I write this I feel I will contradict… **Sighs** I started blogging as a release for my writing. I purchased Journals which sadly sit in a drawer in the coffee table. The blogging was/is my outlet for my thoughts…my incessant desire to write. How interesting are they (I mean really) to anyone but myself? Is it because I seek praise when writing? Do I long for comments about what I have written? Or am I reading too much into this? I can’t help but think is this an ‘ego’ situation?

I have made virtual friends (I hope) since starting this, I enjoy reading the blogs that I follow, and I do receive satisfaction from comments on pieces that I have written, but I think maybe “less is more”? Can anyone see what I am trying to say here? Have I been overly abundant with my posts? Even with that question I feel that I am asking followers or writers to say “No no Jenny you haven’t”…and please that is not why I asked it.

I’m at a round-a-bout…or more-so a T intersection do I turn left and slow down, or turn right and write the same as I was?

Or do I just say to hell with it, I shall write what I want when I want, if others read, like, follow so be it?

Does anyone else have this dilemma?

In closing because this was going to be brief (and when you’re a talker like I am it’s tough to pull the reins in) I’m tired, as I said, new job and my head is spinning trying to learn the new procedures, computer programs and what the job entails. I am my own worst enemy…I frustrate myself for not learning what is to be learnt in a matter of days since starting and it makes me disbelieve myself and what I am capable of.

I have probably bored every one by now so I shall end. What ever comments (if any) are made about this post I will be interested… though I am not writing it for anyone to respond.

I guess I am searching for the …shall I continue answer (knowing in my heart I love doing this and will continue even though my “stats” wont be high this day or the next) and I am doing it too please me as it is what I love doing. Now I have to think of ‘tags’ that will attract the readers…. and I question even that should it be so..

14 thoughts on “Simply Hello

  1. I know exactly what you mean. How often should I write? Do I post too often? I think this is a different answer for every one of us doing this. I will say that I love to follow people who write on kind of a predictable schedule, but I also just have people I follow and I can’t wait to read their post regardless of how often or infrequent they deliver. Personally….I try not to post more than two times per week. That unspoken rule has been broken by me more than once, but I usually follow it. I like reading your posts whenever. Write when you feel like it…..or write when you feel like it, but don’t push publish quite as often. Whatever floats your boat!

  2. *totally hugggss you*

    Ok … so you understand, I was not speaking to you … or to anyone else ok …I was really speaking to how I feel ok.

    One thing i should have made clear that I did not make clear in what I wrote…was that when I read other peoples blogs…I do NOT feel that way.

    In fact, I LOVE your posts. When I see one from you I open it thinking …ohhh….*smiles*

    You determine how much you wish to write. Whether your blog is more for you, or for you and others. There is NOTHING wrong with blogging for an audience …if everyone only blogged for themselves alone …blog would die. I heard it said once, that for a blog to live, it MUST have people following and commenting.

    Please, do NOT feel like you blog too much. *HUGSSS YOU*

    Also .. those empty journals in the drawer? Pfftt…turn them into recipe logs. Colour books for laying out a new plan for your living room. Scratch paper. If you never keep a journal during your life … that is okay *smiles*. Say to people, “I meant to keep a journal, but I was always too busy living life!” And say it with pride.

    Hugs you again….You my friend….are doing just fine. Hugs again.

    • Hi honey – I know your post wasn’t directed to me. It was just ironic that what you wrote was how I was feeling yesterday.You are right that blog would probably die if no one read or commented or followed..I don’t do it for the accolades I do it because I wish to. ***HUUGGSS BACK TO YOU**** and thank you for giving me direction on my empty journals ๐Ÿ™‚ You are MY friend also…Thank you xx

  3. I enjoy reading yours and Katies blog very much.
    I go off and do heaps of things during the day….then spend about 1 hour seeing what the rest of the world has been up to…it can be sometimes fun,sad,interesting or even boring!…but that doesn’t bother me…its life and it reminds me why I want to stay around.
    When I have a bad day…more the reason to stalk the peoples blogs I love reading.
    Lol x

  4. You are not alone, Blogging is addictive, its always nice to get nice coments and feedback and it can start to dictate how you write. Just remember why you started the Blog in the first place and don’t veer too far from that. Keep up the good work

    • Hi DDU – Thanks for popping in and liking Simply Hello. I like your writing and the reason this whole thing is addictive is because of the many talented people you meet along the way. Thank you for ramblings will probably still be that…nothing profound… but I can’t keep away ๐Ÿ™‚ Ps: Keep your good work up also.

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