Over 50 and then some

Life over 50

how does it change us?

what makes us different if anything?

we see the same things ……. though probably now through squinted eyes or glasses

we hear the same things … though you may have to speak up a little or slower

we smell the same things …. our nostrils haven’t let us down yet

do we feel the same?

hmmm no… our brains think we do, our bodies are less inclined

it’s our prerogative to have achy knees, hands, feet or legs, we have used them for a long time

to say what we want to though it may offend, our right to speak our mind

to be who we are without pretence

to laugh when possibly inappropriate or to cry when our insides tell us to

to enjoy ourselves like never before

we aren’t the younger generation any longer

we have had to work hard all our lives to get our possessions

we are grateful for having learnt manners and respect for others and not be cruel or bully

we worked up the chain in our jobs to obtain a higher rank

we can be who we are without apology

our mind tells us age is a number…our bodies remind us it isn’t

That’s all nothing more, nothing less

we can groan when we stand up, bend down, sit, squat or wake

we can repeat ourselves

we can forget things

make mountains out of molehills


we can be tired, grumpy, hysterical and delirious

we can be over the moon or wet our pants from laughing too hard

we remember parts of our childhood & perhaps some of our youth

we wonder if we had our time again would we change anything

we do secretly wish for an anti ageing cream that works

we would like our skin to be smooth as a babes bottom again

but can we have it ….no

do we accept our laugh lines on our faces…we should

for they are ‘us’ they tell our story of what we have done and where we have been without a spoken word

would we wish to go back in time and change who we are or how we are

but how would we change things, we are who we are because of what we have experienced in our lives, what we have

learnt, what we have taught, what we have been shown, where we were born, how we were brought up

to change ‘us’ would mean the changing of events, experiences,relationships,  friends, colleagues and family that are

around us

we went through pain to feel the happiness

we went through sorrow to feel the joy

we went through hardship to have good fortune

and that I don’t think I want that to change

we can be many things, we have gratefully lived till now, and we will continue to do so…hopefully.

6 thoughts on “Over 50 and then some

  1. My sister told me today that she now has a new line on her checkbone…What where?…Here, your not looking close enough?..Okay! …*giggling*…She’s 51 and looks beautiful.
    As for wetting the pants? I can’t stop laughing! xxxxx

  2. Knows this one to be true: “our mind tells us age is a number…our bodies remind us it isn’t”

    While not yet 50 … my back tells me I am not in my twenties. My eyes have always needed glasses … but they are changing now again. Near sightedness is changing and I am finding even my close in vision is wavering a bit.

    But I oft times think to myself … try to age with the grace of Katherine Hepburn or Jane Seymore….one can hope yes? *smiles*

    • Yes I know about ye back, sounds like you have gone through a lot with it 😦
      Katherine or Jane…2 outstandingly beautiful women… of course we can do it…. can’t we? Let’s give it a damn good try 🙂 xx

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