My 60th Blog – Colour co-ordination versus free spirit?

Ok here’s the thing…. Yesterday we (my man and I) were out for a lunch..well technically breakfast in a lovely little Cafe in the hills. As we sat reading the Sunday papers and waiting for our big breakfast to arrive (which is served for most of the day) we glanced at a lady who had entered to buy a coffee to go. Now this particular lady would have been hmmm probably late 50’s or early 60’s? (that’s my guess at any rate).

On her feet were slip on clogs…then knee high socks…multi coloured

Now if she had say for instance worn a brown skirt it wouldn’t have seemed so…. but a red quite (flouncy) skirt with a charcoal grey jacket completed the ensemble…..  ???

Which lead  me to do this blog…should we not face the world colour coordinated, or shouldn’t we give a toss? Well I (though I may be struck down for saying so) give a toss, my mum always dressed me  in my younger years in coordinating colours. When I was 14 ( I think)  I vividly remember my bright lemon flared pants, with white strappy sandals, topped with my white shirt (sorry blouse) adorned with pretty yellow printed flowers…OK it was the 60’s. Oh and I had one of those choker necklaces…(couldn’t find a pic sorry as it was quite some time back). It was black had a medallion at the throat and 2 long strands hanging from it. I thought I was ever so trendy…though in hindsight it probably too should have been yellow.

My Pop (dad) still gets his clothes chosen and laid on the bed by mum (is ALWAYS) co-ordinated…we won’t think too much about the beige pants, brown shoes, fawn socks, tan shirt and brown jumper…please don’t spend too much time on that visual.

Anywho… I feel comfy when I’m coordinated, the fashion now states you can mix stripes with patterns, bright colours of every hue and pattern, but to me it’s.. well is just me?

How does a striped skirt go with a paisley top? How does a Polk a dot shirt go with a floral design skirt? I mean really?

Or am I being too anal retentive here?  Call it fashion… call it a new trend, but to me clothing articles must compliment each other, clothing & more so how it is put together must show that you still actually have your eye sight.

The end result was me looking across the table from my man whose eyes did roll as did mine and almost simultaneously the words from our mouths was ‘artist?”

What do you think?    Am I showing my age?

10 thoughts on “My 60th Blog – Colour co-ordination versus free spirit?

  1. Hmmm … do I care? I think I do nod nods. But I am not sure if I explicitly pay attention .. or if I am so used to pulling certain combinations out as a matter of course. When lazing around I dont care hahaha…but if I am off to work …in general I coordinate.

    I DEFINITELY coordinate my outfit if I am going out to a show or performance nod nods …and dates too (though I have not had one of those date things in a long time!)

    Biking … the jerseys I have are sometimes muted in tones…sometimes wild. If they are wild I don’t care what else I have on as it at least gets me seen..and that’s safer!

    There is this one young woman at work who always wears mismatched socks lol…I think it is rather cool in a bizarre way though.

    And …the test to see if the person is artsy: Ask her to dance. Artsy people seem to free dance .. at least that is my take.

    *and hides my multitude of tye dye shirts*

      • I thought it was red and green? I have heard it said something like…

        “red and green should never be seen on an Irish queen” …. but I also think there are other verses like Dianne Gray mentioned..but am not sure what it is.

  2. Growing up I was a free spirit!..Okay weird!. Lol
    I dressed liked Cindy Lauper…My parents were pretty conservative but thought it looked colourful…My sister inlaw is sooo arty farty and dresses outrageous.I can’t wait to see her just to see what she’s wearing. I love it non conformity.*giggles*

    I’m not that extreme any more but enjoy looking at those that are! xxx

  3. I moved into my teenage years at the end of the Hippie movement. All that free love and free spirit and flowers in your hair really did a number on me and to this day I’m still a Hippie at heart (except my kids call me a Hipster Grandma). I wear long flowy skirts and loose shirts and sandals on my feet until the snow collects between my toes (I do eventually surrender to socks and shoes). Honesty, I’ve never cared what people wore as long as they were happy and comfortable. I think it’s sad to see women all dressed up in the latest fashions—tight skirts that limit leg movement,heels so tall they could cause irreparable damage if you lost your balance, shirts that cling in all the wrong places—and it’s obvious they’re miserable and probably thinking of the moment they can take it all off and slip into those soft, loose clothes waiting for them at home. So my opinion has always been BE COMFORTABLE and who cares what anybody thinks? (And I love blue and green together!)

    • Hello Harlow – Thank you for visiting and commenting. I do wear long flowing skirts and sandles or flowy tops as I see it that comfort is the priority especially as we advance 😦 I wanted to ramble about how I like to be coordinated in the colour department. I have some beautiful soft flowing outfits but they match…call it dowdy Jen but I can’t do the odd colour combo. I do sooo agree about the high shoes, dresses barely covering their breakfast and tights low cut tops on the youngens..but we were all at a place where we thought we looked FABULOUS in anything weren’t we…even though we probably looked hideous! 🙂 Thanks for stopping bye and I do hope you visit again.

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