My new Job

Blah it’s getting late.. I really should think of sleep

Thanks heavens it’s Thursday tomorrow nearly the end of the week

Another day has rolled on by, my head is in a spin

Learning new systems & processes what a time it’s been

Hate to feel the idiot and not know what to do

Trying to come to grips with things

When sometimes I have no clue

But I’ll just soldier on each day in the hope that it may gel

If mistakes I make I’ll raise hand high and inwardly think bloody hell

For it’s not easy when you start anew

An impression you wish to make

I hate to ask again and again

And feel my body begin to quake

I’m sure the light globe will switch on

And the hard will soon look easy

I’ll know what do to without asking for help

And then hopefully it will be breezy!

Just a little ditty before bed time.

PS: Thank you to the 135 people that stopped by yesterday 🙂

5 thoughts on “My new Job

  1. That was a very imaginative poem … and now tries to do an add-on lol… uhmm…let me think for a few minutes..

    Ok…how about this…

    When starting anew you should give yourself time.
    Be patient, be calm, with yourself uhm…something something rhyme.
    After 3 months you might still feel some doubt.
    For myself it seems to take a least 6 months to sort out.
    Then 6 months turns to 9 and then from 9 to a year.
    You will see how proficient you are without fear.
    And then someone new will arrive to be trained.
    And you will teach them now, how to work and be …errr…aclaim? Spain?

    Ok…so I could not quite figure out a good poem on the spot haha…but…I say, give yourself time and do not self berate ok. New things just take time … and those around you will understand I am sure. (By the way…I am interested to know about this new job *smiles*)

    • OMG again you have cracked me up with your reply & your addition acclaim…Spain? Thank you. It’s funny it was about 10 minutes before I thought I shut my eyes last night then wrote it, funny or possible weird how some things come quickly & others you have to work your brain! But you are so right with what you does take me about 6 months before “TING” oh that’s why I’m doing it like that… My job at the moment is an assistant and learning to be a Property Owner Corp ‘person’ – handling all the issues with blocks of units/flats that our company manages. Paying the levy’s, the insurance, sitting in on meetings of committees etc. All totally new to that is why I panic so now! Hopefully as you say in time… I’ll get the hang of it – before they say ta ta to me prior 😦 lol

      • Oh my, I know nothing of the things you mention …sounds like you help with a company that cares for property though nod nods. And yes…you WILL get the hang of it.

        By the way… 135 visits! Wow!!!! High-5’s your for that…and I am adding 1 to your count for today lol (actually more because I will visit your new blog and another I commented on earlier too! I want royalties on my visits lol.)

  2. Good luck with the new job. By the way, thanks so much for nomination for the award. I’m a little behind on my posts, but I want you to know how much I appreciate you following my blog and recognizing me in this way. I am always very humbled. Have a great Thursday!

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