Look out world I’ve leant how to use the Scanner! If only the photos would stay on the post & I could get the alignment right!!!

Ok so this is going to cause trouble because now that I have finally learnt (yes tech savvy I’m not) to operate my printer/fax/scanner thingy-ma-bob I probably have 2000 photos to share….oi!! stop running away and sit back down, I’m kidding…possibly…

Wedding Day Mum and Dad 1951-Melbourne


So even though I am wildly excited as I know you will be to show my thousands of photos… what ? I hear you’re not???? Hmmm maybe I should title the blogs “Another Photo” that way when you see it come up you can grab a glass of wine, read another blog, go do the dishes, walk the dog or switch the computer off… and I may even share some rather hideous photos of yours truly if you ask me nicely. πŸ™‚ but of course you won’t see them if you switch your computer off now will you… ok enough rambling… BELOW LEFT IS MUM Β & ON THE RIGHT IS DAD…’cos mum is wearing the dress…







14 thoughts on “Look out world I’ve leant how to use the Scanner! If only the photos would stay on the post & I could get the alignment right!!!

  1. I go out..come back to the computer!..clean the house…come back to the computer
    Get that drink…water:).. and sit down and read anything and everything!!! *laughing* So what does that mean?? *laughing again* I love, love, love photo’s and anything you post. *kiss* they looked so happy! I love old black and white photos.
    Please post more shots later! I would love to see photos of you..even as a wee baby! *smiling* xxxxxxxxxx

  2. ohhhh….I love old photos. That one on their wedding day ….*oohhss again* …

    The one of your dashing dad … is that in front of their place? And your mum…their place too? (She is so pretty by the way.)

    As for additional pictures … scan away…scan away *smiles*

    • awww thanks Katiekins. Not sure of the one with dad – they hardly wrote on the back of their pics 😦 I have some here that are my mums dad’s dad etc..ie a looong time ago. I may put on a couple more as they are so intriguing (especially the fashion of the day) Mums is outside her place where she was in Rochdale Lancashire. I shall tell her you said she was pretty…her reply will be “not anymore”! But I thank you on her behalf **hugs** xx

    • Thank you so much- mum has a large box of them at her home – I shall try and confiscate them over the weekend πŸ™‚ I don’t have many baby ones here..or anywhere really… but I shall see what I can do πŸ™‚ xxx

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