Pop **my dad** I love you

Please don’t tell mum you think that you’re dying – Mum told me today that’s what you said.

I don’t want to hear those words 

Don’t say you think your life’s at an end – those words cut to deep.

I watch you slowly find your balance when you stand & that a short walk makes you weary – I see the strength you once had is gone & I see the frustration in your eyes because of it.  I see the tremors in your hands which I know is hard for you to understand.

But I don’t want to hear those words

I see the changes in you, I see that my dad has grown older – don’t make me cry by saying what you did today.  I love my nick-name Ginger though I don’t know why I have it  – I love the bond we have which has grown stronger throughout the years.

But I don’t want to hear those words

I look at you & think of all our laughter & our tears – the advice you have imparted – the guidance that you have given – I’m your daughter “your girl” & I’m here for you – you know that…right? – I know this can’t be easy for you – growing old never is & I wish I could do more.

But I don’t want to hear those words

I love & cherish you so much & it hurts me to know those words were spoken – it frightens me of what will eventually come – but that time is not yet with us – so I can only ask that you try not to be disheartened or make apologies for your age,  for I will be your support,  be it just my hand to hold you steady or a hug to show how much I care.

But please I don’t want to hear those words

**Ginger**   xxxxx

17 thoughts on “Pop **my dad** I love you

  1. What a beautiful post about your dad. It is so difficult to watch our parents age. Mine are in their mid 80’s and they live a good distance away from me. I dislike that I am unable to see them as often as I would like. I think I am always a little shocked when I do see them. They look older than I remembered the last time. Prayers that your dad has some healthy time left on this earth. Hugs.

  2. It breaks my heart to read your beautiful poem. I love every word. I lost my dad when I was 23 and here we are 17 years later, still mourning his loss. My mother in- law is 86 and is not doing too well, she was so together, a vibrant, do everything, maths and science teacher. She has now broken her hip, is in and out of the hospital, barely holding on. We don’t like to see her suffer so much, we feel so helpless. She also lives 3000 miles away close to my sisters in law, so we don’t get to visit, although my husband will go as often as he can. My mum lives on the other side of the world, we Skype, we talk, but I see changes everyday and I miss her all the time. It is the hardest thing in the world. I send you hugs.

    • Thank you also for your kind words sweet – Mine live 7 minutes drive from me…I couldn’t imagine being any further away. I’m very close to both of them and it’s heart breaking knowing I can’t ease what they are experiencing. It’s a case of see or talk to your parents as much as possible…I know it brightens their day when I do..as much as it does for me to see them. xx

    • Hello Lisa & Franny. Firstly I thank you for visiting my site & secondly for your lovely words. I hope so to, but at the moment I put on a brave face and hope that Pop and mum can get through the days without too much pain or worry. It’s sad as dad often apologies to me thinking he would never get to this stage (doesn’t want to be a burden)…that is so hard for me to handle.

  3. Oh!..That’s so sad:(…You must be going through so many emotions right now..*huggs*
    I’ve been estranged from my dad for many years…Not his fault!…Life just pulled us away from each other. I still love him with all my heart. xxxxxxxx

    • Yes it is an emotional time. Hoping that they won’t get worse is the hardest thing. Remembering how they were and knowing this is a natural progression unfortunately doesn’t make it any easier. 😦 No way of reuniting with your dad?Thank you for your thoughts Paula. xxx

      • Somedays he’s all I think about!…But it’s not that easy for me.*smiles*…2 of my brothers keep contact so I get all the news from them. *huggs* and lots of them!!! xxx

  4. I am so sorry to hear that you had a sad day. I suspect watching your parents age is hard…knowing that they are also frustrated by things must even harder.

    Do what you can .. vent here when needed.

    *hugs* … twas lovely words…even if they were sad ones.

    • Thank you sweet, yes it was a sad day. This is the beauty of having a blog…I can if I feel the need to vent/rant away without fear or criticism. And it is strangely comforting knowing that my thoughts are heard. **hugs back** xx

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