Something a tad lighter

Tonight’s topic is …let me see do I have one or am I just in a “Let’s write something and see who reads” frame of mind, looks to the left…looks to the right…possibly..maybe. The email may come up on their inbox …new post from ramblings yadda yadda & they will read the 1st few lines and say “Whatevs” or “Gawd not another ramble from ramblings” or “What the dickens is she on about now?”

Insert opening to the story that I started which I gave you a glimpse of ..yes cast your minds back.. the one where she starts off sitting by a tree I have deemed that too boring. I seem to be in blog-mania and not get down and continue with this book mania. Anywho I changed the beginning to…

He held back her head; her throat exposed, that way he wouldn’t have to see the expression in her eyes, the fear of death about to strike. She felt limp in his arms; the sedative he slipped into her drink was enough to make her succumb. He didn’t like battles; he didn’t want the struggle as he had with the others. This time it would be peaceful, he actually felt sorry for her as the blade slid its way across from one ear lobe to the other. He lifted his head high and closed his eyes and drew in a breath as he heard her blood spill forth from the opening he had made.

Now that that has cheered you up … Ok so it didn’t ..but it’s all about grabbing the readers attention after all.

Because my last post about my Pop was .. well forgive me but  I had a very bad day and not a good sleep last night due to it, so I felt I should lighten the mood a tad (see title of post).

Anyway I have a question – my pictures disappear from my posts – yes I know I swipe them from Google and yes I know there are copyright laws..but how do others post pics from Google and they still remain?

I have now found a website with “free images” not that I want to bombard you with images but it’s nice to break up the vocab..especially when it doesn’t make much sense (as mine tend to do sometimes). Am I rambling? I feel I am. My moods make me that way. I had a crappy day at the new job… well not a day…but a moment… we all have them, I just didn’t expect it within the 1st few weeks!  Forgive all my dots too I seem to be on a roll with them.

Maybe I am posting because I haven’t had my fix of daily posting…and even though my subject matter is pretty useless  I still need the fix..

Ok so random – does anyone pay attention to their stats? Or am I taking the blog thing waaaay too seriously? Been down the last few days, the columns haven’t risen very high (chuckles to myself) at how sad I am for actually saying that (and no I’m not being serious) just an observation.

Well that’s it…can’t think of anything else. If you have read – I thank you – if you have read and hit the like button I thank you more -if you have read hit the like and commented I love you –  if you have read the email and deleted..well I have no words, insert (I’m joking).

So that is my random – had my fix – trying to lighten my mood up post. Luv ‘ya faces. xx

PS: Posts shouldn’t always be serious & have something enlightening or thought provoking….should they??



16 thoughts on “Something a tad lighter

  1. Ramblings good!!..I’m obsessed with the dots *laughing*
    I hope the weeks get better and better at the new job!…As for the short story! OMG
    I want to know what happens next?
    As for stats I think everyone looks from time to time. No response can just be a sign people are busy.
    I have to get off the computer now as my husbands becoming a computer widow!!! xx

    • The story my luv goes into quiet sedate…she’s a writer (go figure) think I showed part of it in OMG the writer emerged post …thinks (whoops there’s those dots once more) partner (more dots) is a blog widow/er? what is the male version anyhow? But he said he’s happy I have a hobby…obsessive though it is! **hugs** xxx and does a katiekins *nod* about the stats 🙂

  2. How’s it going with the pictures? You might have solved that one already, but if not … make sure you’re saving the images to your wordpress media library and not just copying and pasting them into your post. There are a couple of other tricks you can try too, you’re welcome to shoot me an email and I’ll do my best to help!

    • Thanks Amb – yes I download them..naughty then save to the media library etc but I did ask the wordpress forum and this was the answer….Many it not the vast majority of the indexed images in Google’s cache are under copyright. That’s why Google posts the notice. When people “help themselves” to image they do not have permission to use the copyright holders make sure they disappear from the sites that violated their copyright by napping them. So I got the guilt and went to a free site, however they don’t have very many to choose from. I may shoot you that email 🙂

      • Ahhh, interesting! I’ll keep that in mind when I’m looking for images of my own in the future. And yes, feel free to drop me a line whenever!

  3. First of all, I love that you say ‘what the Dickens’ I say it all the time, in fact I grew up saying it. People just don’t get it. That little snippet you gave us was fantastic… more please. As for the dottiness, I am incredibly fond of dots, I have dots coming out of not just posts, but my kids bedding and even curtains.
    My images seem to disappear sometimes, but I make sure to give photo credit. I do save it too.
    I noticed that certain posts get more views than others. Colin Firth definitely seems to spike up my stats. I think people have different likes, so if I write book reviews I have a certain audience and If I write to Colin, well, there’s more for a couple of days. Also weekends are more active.

    • Ok what’s photo credit – just a thank you? What the dickens lol really you say that too? Thank you for liking.. luv ya face 🙂 I shall try and give you we know (more dots) mood dependent. xxx

      • So, a photo credit is like a courtesy that you must bestow ( haa! ha! do you like my use of the word bestow?) if you take a photo from the internet. They can technically drag you into a lawsuit or just create some sort of trouble. I always do, even if it’s google, always be sure to say photo courtesy: Google.
        Ooooh can’t wait for more dots. I am such a dottie dot. Do you remember the cartoon little Dot? always loved her. Weird aren’t I?

  4. The snippit is definately an attention getter. I haven’t a clue on the pictures, I use images from my computer…dots? what about the dots?…and no, posts should not always be enlightening or thought provoking unless that’s your personal goal. (Meanwhile, I too am guilty of regularly checking stats. Some days are just busier than others and some tags get more attention.)

    • I pinched from google Kyred but then they were swiped back…how very dare they????? Yes I guess the stat thing is pretty subjective. Glad you liked the snippet…wish I could write a novel based on it!! 🙂 dot dot dot 🙂

  5. Rambly blogs are my forte … and that being the case I feel I am more than qualified to say … *thumbs up on your random bloggy fix* Woot woot.

    As for the pictures…hmmm…(asks…do mine dissappear?). When do yours disappear? I can see them. I steal them from the internet … place them on my computer, resize, and load from there. Not sure if that makes a difference. And I really, REALLY need to start giving credit for them nod nods.

    Now the story…attention grabbing yes…but ack! Too bloody for me lol. I am a wimp. But attention grabbing it is!

    • Thank you katiekins (your new name by the way) if you don’t like I won’t call. Glad you are pleased and gave me a woot woot (I do love woot woots). I do what you and everyone else does re the pics it seems, but still I’m left when I view them with a blank white box and a question mark in the middle of them. Grrr Google (hides).
      You a wimp…never 🙂 xxx

      • LOL…katiekins is fine (someone I know calls me katydid! haha)

        I think I had better start giving credit to Google too…and gives them a reverse woot woot..

        “toow toow”

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