Rounding off the weekend with some more old photos

Can any words describe the feelings that I have when I see this photo? This would have to be my favourite. My Pop when he was but a baby boy.

I adore this photo, to others who see it, it’s just another photo from ramblings or (‘mumsy’ as I am now affectionately known.) I just want to pick him up and give him the biggest cuddle and tell him it will all be alright.

To me it’s a picture of a sad little boy in the war years whose parents didn’t want him, who was given away to others to be looked after, but who treated him cruelly. A young little boy who looks so lost.

A young boy whose pockets where sewn up so he couldn’t keep warm in the bitterly cold months of a European Winter. A young innocent boy who was made to sit at the top of the stairs whilst the ‘other family – his stepmother being one’ sat and ate at the table with the rest of the family downstairs.

A boy who was encouraged at school because he had such a brilliant mind and when the Principal approached his family to urge that they send him to University, they didn’t want to waste their money.

My favourite photo because though there is sadness in his face, later on in his life he fought adversities and became a happy. caring man and a loving devoted father.

Now can you see any likeness? Perhaps the baby round cheeks..or perhaps the ears?

I just wish that my Pop was able to smile in his photo as I did…..

11 thoughts on “Rounding off the weekend with some more old photos

  1. You have his cheeks … your brothers have his locks and eyes I think.

    As for the photo … it reminds me of someone who was picked up, told to stand on the chair when they did not want to …for a photo taking.

    You sound proud of your da….I love that.

    • You could be right there Katiekins.
      Yes it does look like that – I’m glad he doesn’t remember that time.
      I am EXTREMELY PROUD of my da and I love the Irish word for dad , it has such an emotional feel about it – thank you hun xxx

  2. Hi Mumsy..*waving* I’m back!
    He looks so adorable how could anyone treat a child in such a way!
    It makes me feel really sad for what he must have endured:(..But then he found your mum and had you!!!!!*smiling* and I bet his world became beautiful again!

    Our parents had tough lives and taught us to be strong and to fight for what we wanted,not sit back and wait for it to be given to us!! xxxx

    • Thank you Paulama Glad you are back my sweet. I didn’t think of that…yes meeting mum then having me (I’m sure he’s happy about that) lol
      He had such a life…such a terrifying one …this is why took the 4 hour video of him recalling all his memories through the War years etc. Oh yes he fought and fought hard to be who he is today and for that I love him even more (if that’s possible)

      • Of course it’s possible 🙂

        We all have life so easy these days..*sigh*..but unfortunately,we forget and sometimes take it all for granted!. *hugs to you Mumsy*

        I feel a bit low tonight! xxxxxxx

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