To write or not to Write…Reposted..from my 1st blog.. interesting to see where it lead

Yes writers the stamp of approval that we have been acknowledged, someone who doesn’t know us from a bar of soap appreciates our work and likes what we have written. With manuscripts I have forwarded, my letterbox strolls (to find acceptance) have come to nought.

I was mowing the lawns this afternoon (l know you wont find that mind-boggling) & I wanted to write, I moved onto weeding, I still wanted to write. Started to replant a gardenia bush, still wanted to write. It ‘the writing obsession’ wouldn’t leave me alone. In fact it hasn’t for some weeks now. It’s a calling, something unknown with long arms & sinewy fingers that grab hold of me & lure me into the study to turn on my Mac & say, “Now write”. (Maybe not long arms and sinewy fingers, perhaps a bit of over-kill there, but then that’s the writer in me). I try to resist (as I really wanted to get the gardenia bush planted whilst we are in Autumn) but it was no use denying it any further. So I sat at my desk and stared at the blank document page and prayed for inspiration (not literally).

Perhaps I should write just about me, my thoughts (I can see you all cringing, please don’t it shouldn’t be that bad).  Would anyone be interested in reading my dribble or would they find it amusing? Thought provoking? Would they relate to what I have written and me?

Who knows, I can’t be the judge only the person who is reading this can be. I know when I have read a book & if the author’s style is down to earth and open, I relate to it, it  draws me in even further.

I simply like that style of writing. Writing does require talent, imagination and creativity. Can we say that because l am an ‘unknown’ (apart from to my friends and family of course) that people wouldn’t enjoy or want to read what l have written? This is the uncertainty.

It’s all getting a tad in depth now isn’t it? Maybe I should refrain from over analysing and just do what I came in here to do and write. Sometimes I shall do that, I have the intention of writing something light hearted & before I know it the million words that consume my head space want to say something deep and meaningful…let’s see where it ends…

6 thoughts on “To write or not to Write…Reposted..from my 1st blog.. interesting to see where it lead

  1. I looked at your original … it had a passage of your writing that is missing from this post.

    Perhaps …you write at home…your “works” so to speak there. Fiction, non-fiction. Either works (I have been reading the NaNo stie for how to get unstuck on plots!)

    Maybe here, in blog-land, you write your thoughts. And at times test out some of your fiction as well. I believe we would love to read whatever you decided to put here …. even photos. Lovely photos nod nods. (Well…we can take the Google photos that get delete and call them not lovely…bastard Google!)

    Write when you feel like writing. Force yourself when you don’t. Then don’t write when you don’t feel like it. Stop when you wish to write. Sometimes all modes are needed I think.

    • Hi Katiekins..yes I took it out because I thought it too long..I shall trash the original!
      I must admit I have put my novel aside for so long now because I am intrenched in blog wrtiting…perhaps because I don’t get stuck when I write for this…where as I tend to when writing the novel. Thank you for saying you love to read whatever I write & sharing my photos and I shall tell the Google Gods to … well. to…. I’m so angry with them!!!

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