Time to hang up the washing last of the old pics

My my I know what you’re saying “please no no no mooore, getting bored now, get over it, who are these people anyway?” but I’m not listening 😉 This is the last of the very old ones and then possibly it’s onto the hideous hairstyle of moi and non fashionable dressing (if you thought the button up cardi and skirt was a shocker) be afraid…be very afraid..

Now I know what you’re all thinking…why is she in overalls ….obviously mum only dressed me up for special ‘doos’.

Me in Overalls031then again I am playing with a toy car.. but how cute am I??? Huh Huh??? No… seriously

My Grandparents on their Wedding Day…doesn’t everyone look happy….

My Grandparents Wedding 029

Ahh now they lookGrandparents 1952030 happier!!

Dad in the middle in uniform…the guy on the end

wishing they had invented the GPSDad Army Uniform026 (1)

21 thoughts on “Time to hang up the washing last of the old pics

  1. Oh Mumsy!!..thanks for sharing your photo’s! *smiling*
    Wishing he had GPS? *I can’t stop laughing*..old photo’s are just so much fun to look through! Night mumsy!!! xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. I too loved the one of your da in uniform…he looks smart in it.

    My favorite of the batch is your Aunt Maude. She has that look that makes me wonder what she was thinking of. But really? I like the creased corners…and the age spots on the film … tis a lovely photo.

  3. Oh wow! love the photos. I adore the one of you in overalls. So cheeky. Love the one of your dad in uniform and the guy looking at a map or a book of maps or perhaps just a book, either way, it looks like interesting reading material. Also the photo of your grand parents is just so lovely. I have a pair of shoes like your mum’s. It is back in fashion… I think 🙂 that velvet dress is beautiful. How on earth do you tear yourself away from the gorgeous photos? okay, time to have dinner. I bet you are just about getting on with your day…

    • Thank you muchly MM 🙂 ..me..yeah butter wouldn’t melt…lol Now it’s 7.27pm as I write so yes my day has been and almost gone… scanning more pics but of all the places I have been (well not that there is a lot but stay tuned!!) Hopefully they will be interesting also. They did dress to impress back then didn’t they? xxxx

      • I can’t wait mumsy, nothing like photos. Oh my they really did dress to impress, I wonder why we don’t dress like that anymore. I love California casual myself, but the occasional urge to dress up and look nice is always dormant.
        Okay, will wait for your photos…

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