What’s your routine in the morning?

Today as I opened my sleepy eyes & thought its best I get ready for my day, I lay for a second or two longer and thought…same old routine… Which led me to think a little more…does everyone stick to the same routine day in & day out? I realise those with young children would have a different regime than I but it wouldn’t it be nice to do something just a little different?

  • Alarm by way of my mobile rings out its glorious wake up tune next to me (though some mornings I need a 21 gun salute to do the job)
  • Me ‘Ugh’ time to get up (do I really have too? Just another 5 minutes my inner self tells me).
  • Press off stupid, annoying, inconsiderate alarm (look at time & realise I don’t have just another 5 minutes).
  • Feet onto floor, slippers on and grab dressing gown (yes the mornings are still cold over here).
  • Open draw to retrieve knickers and bra (wouldn’t it be nice not to have to bother occasionally?)
  • Stagger with eyes half open to the en-suite and turn the heater on (I don’t like the cold).
  • Still staggering into the family room & put main heater for the house on (Damn didn’t put the timer on).
  • Toilet time (ok so no need for details here).
  • Open shower door, turn on taps, wait…wait..dressing gown off, singlet and knickers off, slippers kicked off (Not the time to look in the mirror).
  • Weigh myself (Scary but necessary ..it’s a ritual I do every morning..tells me if I can or cannot eat for the day).
  • Step into shower..damn it’s hair wash day again ( yep every 2nd day it’s the wash).
  • Shower shampoo, conditioner (shave any necessary bits that have been left purposefully unattended due to the weather being cold and I’m pretty much covered up any-ways).
  • Grab specific hair drying towel and wrap head in turban. Grab body towel – larger & commence the onerous process of drying every nook & cranny (believe me it is a process).
  • Out of shower, bra and knickers (yes clean) are donned & back goes the dressing gown for warmth (I really do not like the cold).
  • Stares at the face looking back at me in the mirror (not a pretty sight) .
  • Cleans and flosses teeth (fresh mouth starts to wake me up).
  • Grabs make-up bag to start the arduous task at hand of applying the face (seems to be getting a longer process with every year).
  • Concealer, foundation, eye liner, mascara, lipstick (looking more human now..oh to be one of those women who have the flawless complexion without a scrap of anything applied).
  • Walk into robe & decide what to wear for the day (Melbourne weather…need to be prepared for anything)
  • Dress, put shoes on (thankfully only a 5 minutes decision whether it’s pants or dress, or skirt & top).
  • Back into en-suite for the ‘doo’ to be created (well not so much created just done & look reasonable)
  • Turban ripped off, grab hair-dryer and brush, squirt product & shimmy through hair (have to get some sort of body into it).
  • Pick up bra & knickers from floor which sometimes have looped themselves over the handle of the vanity unit (not done on purpose but I’m still amazed I have done it)
  • Toss said items into laundry basket (hmm & look at the insurmountable load that needs washing).
  • Into kitchen grab a drink and take the 100mg of aspirin (if I remember..to ward off arthritis pain).
  • Yell good-bye to daughter (that is if she is out of bed).
  • Get into car for the drive to work (wishing that it was a Saturday or a Sunday…or that I didn’t have to work at all!).
  • My day has begun (the routine is over till the next day that is).

Tomorrow I have a day off work.

BUT Maybe on Monday I shall put the radio on REAL LOUD and dance around the kitchen …just to change it up a bit… you know Gangnam  style…maybe..



Dance it up Gangnam






It HAS to be the week-end when you feel you are out of your routine.. last Saturday Mr S and I were walking around the Supermarket and a Van Morrison song was playing. I started to dance down the isle (not gangnam but definately not walking) An older gentleman was walking towards us..and I thought “Nup I’m not going to stop”. He had the broadest grin on his face and said to Mr S as we passed. “You’ve got a good one there”.. to which Mr S laughed and said “I know & (hand motioning that I’d had a drink or 2)..which I hadn’t , we all laughed.. so yes BRING ON THE WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!

9 thoughts on “What’s your routine in the morning?

  1. Imagine dancing around the kitchen like that! *laughing* My cat would wander what the hell was wrong with me! Lol

    I’m so lucky I don’t have to work these days!..So I will lay there tomorrow and pretend your in your dressing gown sitting on my bed, having a cup of tea!

    I dislike makeup these days and only wear it when I have to! ..The trick is to get your eyes tattooed..top and bottom. Makes a huge difference,I had it done 15 years ago and have touched up 3 times since. Saved heaps in eyeliner!!!

    Have a good day tomorrow mumsy…I head off to hug my Teco!
    Missed not seeing him last weekend. xxxxxxxx

    • Hello darling, yes I’m still awake.. The joys of not having that alarm go off!
      Oh I don;t know if I could get my eyes tattooed ..I’m hopeless can’t even sit to close to a corner of a table as I think it will poke my eye out… wouldn;t that be lovely to share the day starting with a cup of tea and progressing to wine lol
      Off to a funeral unfortunately…but thank you (you weren’t too know anyway)
      Give them both a hug from me!! xxxxxxxx
      Oops just remembered something that I did the other day ..adding to this post…

  2. Oh mumsy, what a treat this morning, I got to catch up on your posts. I love your routine. Um, I am anal about taking my vitamins and I try to stay away from that weighing scale, unless i’ve indulged 🙂
    I tried to think of my routine, it is slightly different because I have young children, but boy oh boy, that alarm at 5.45am gets me everyday. I am usually bright eyed and bushy tailed as I walk around the house, switching on lights, brushing back hair and rubbing my nose on a warm cheek, urging tiny bodies out of the warm comfort of the bed and leading them to the bathroom. Then breaky, lunches and making sure everyone has everything for school. Some days, I just don’t want to get up. I want to snuggle under the covers and I don’t want to do anything but read,read and read. xx

    • You say some very sweet things and I thank you for it 🙂
      I wish I was bright eyed and bushy tailed but sadly most mornings not! **laughing**
      I do love your description of ‘rubbing nose on a warm cheek’…took me back to when my were littlies…precious.
      Gangnam style warm up..hmm yes that it would enjoy your Yoga and have a wonderful session. 🙂 xxx

  3. *smiles* …thinks we all have a routine … I have 2 separate ones, depending on whether or no I have the child with me that week or not.

    I would soooo LOVE to have seen you dancing down the shopping aisle. What Van Morrison song?

  4. Brown Eyed Girl 🙂 more of side step – two step, but I felt so good doing it and didn’t care if anyone thought me strange…guess that’s what you can do at my age, if people think I’m loopy for doing so..then they can go ahead and think it **laughs**.

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