Total random rambling

I sit here at my desk in the study…it is 1.30am…yes I should be in bed and dreaming of winning the lottery…I would if I remembered to buy a ticket… or dancing across fields of green into the arms of the man I love..but I’m not…I’m listening to a compilation CD of songs..well of course mumsy it would be songs …you wouldn’t be listening to the ABC news broadcast at this hour (or any hour) now would you… punctuation will be pretty much non existant.. because well frankly I don’t want to do full stops and commas and question marks…ok a couple may slip in…so I use dots…(meditating mummy loves dots)..the 1st song is unchained melody..come on girls…because I dont think the boys would like this one…or be reading this for that matter…but us girls do..doesn’t it conjure up the most beautiful fuzzy feeling…it doesn’t (oops a ? slipped in)..well I tried…

this is a ramble that is what my name is..and every now and then I break out of my make sense writing and do one of these…of course they have to be read quickly…why…because they would seem so ridiculous if you read them slow…anyway I digress…unchained melody…don’t you just want your husband….partner…boyfriend..friend with benefits? (oops another ? )…to be cusping (is that a word..where’s my dictionary) your face in his hands? (oops another one)…looking longingly into your eyes…telling you that you are the most beautiful creature that walked this earth…you don’t? (oops) what’s wrong with you?? (heavens more than I thought slipping in here)….

anyway where was I…have you gone away yet…gotten a drink…saying what is the point of this…for new followers I am sorry…I apologise for this seemingly terrible random nonsensical post…but this is me..pure and simple…so bear with me…I am trying to write whatever is going through my head and when I write and at this hour..well this is as good as it’s going to get (oops I did a ‘)

maybe I’m overtired..but I don’t feel it (punctuation has emerged …well it’s hard not to do)…anyway where was I…oh yes cusping..slasping…that bit…but moving on..oops I wrote slasping…what the dickens is that..I’m not looks fine…

ok away from the bit if you have a loved one that does the clasping or slasping…I have had my moments in life without a companion by my side…and I survived…it can be tough but it’s do-able…it’s a time that all us females need to find ourselves…to take control of what we really want in a partner…to find who we are and what we want from life…and how to learn from our past mistakes…or from our past in general…and sometimes it may take a little longer than what we are hoping for…it’s not that you will never find anyone…but mr or ms right will come along…you will be glad that you had waited…in fact you aren’t really are being sure that the next person that enters your life will be the right one…you are not ugly…you are not nasty…you are not too thin…or too fat.. or controlling…or possessive…you are none of those things…you are you…

and when your person comes along…you will see that…and they will want you for you…and be happy with who you are…so never change for anyone…I tried and it didn’t work…now I am me…and I was lucky enough to find someone who is happy with that..he is now a blog widower…but that’s ok (oops a final ‘) he’s happy I have a hobby….

its now 2am and I shall go to bed and dream

this was so random….

10 thoughts on “Total random rambling

  1. I do love dots mumsy, I really do. You are so sweet and funny. I love this post… Humor always gets me. I agree, if you have to change for someone and it doesn’t work out, you know it is not right. My husband is my rock, in fact, I think I should write a tribute to him – too cheesy, so I won’t. He is so zen with everything, even though I am meditating mummy, it is now not funny. He will be the one to tell me, Colin Firth is on tv or in a movie somewhere, in case I miss it. He will think of all the little things I like and get it done, he will find the exact chocolate I ask him to get me, even though the name is unpronounceable or just plain hippy and strange. He will make sure the girls go to bed on time when I am plainly exhausted and he will definitely let me write as much as I want, although lately, I haven’t had time and I have so many book reviews saved into drafts…lots to do, so little time. I love unchained melody too by the way. Hope your Sunday is fantastic.

    • MM – Thank you 🙂 …I actually woke this morning saying why on earth did I write that…ack too late now damage is done lol – Please write a tribute to your hubby as he sounds wonderful..please…please…pretty please??? Oh and I will try too ..a little tired this morning.. Thank you xxx

  2. I love the word slasping! You would fit in well with my family. We are constantly making up words…we even use them in the game of Scrabble! My husband caught on to this shortly after we started dating and calls my family out on this all of the time! I guess he’s okay with it though…he’s stuck around!! LOL! By the way, I too, love Unchained Melody!

    • Morning – it does has a nice ring to it doesn’t it..just have to figure out where it would fit in the english vocab ..He slasped her hand as they crossed the road? They slasped on the drink through the straw? Merrily they slasped their way down the footpath? Actual quite a few options… & cheating is compulsory whilst playing Scrabble! 🙂 It’s a timeless song isn’t it…. ta MHIAA xx

  3. LOL … this was WONDERFULLY …. wonderful! This is how I sometimes feel … that is soo AWESOME that you did not care where things went and was writing in super stream of conscious lol.

    *still giggling as I wonder exactly what new readers would think lol*

  4. You are up late it seems?

    I prattle on a lot like this but hold back for fear my readers shall think I should be needing a white buckled jacket and not a designer type brand!

    Bless ya cotton socks for thinking it wonderfully wonderful.

    It was so wonderfully wonderful of you to say it 🙂 xxx

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