See if you can understand this little challenge that was given to me

I’m always up for dare ( well not usually) but I was given a little challenge of sorts from the lovely Paula  you have to see the previous post total random rambling to understand what I’m doing though..otherwise it won’t make any sense at all…Good Luck.

I have no clue what this post will be about…hmm just thought of something..straight from the top of my head.. I shall make it brief (famous last words from me I know).










Do you know how difficult it is not to hit that space-bar?????

Good grief 😉 challenge done

9 thoughts on “See if you can understand this little challenge that was given to me

  1. Well done!..I can’t stop laughing!……For a writer, that must have killed you? *can somebody laugh this long to themselves?
    Go mumsy! challenge well done!!

    I love chocolate as much as I love cupcakes! *that’s a lot* Lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • It did kill me.. that thumb of mine was going yes do it!! I was having to mentally think the whole time nooo stay away from it.
      I take the laughing and the congrats..and yes I love to hear that you are laughing makes me fuzzy wuzzy.
      CHOCOLATE…..hmm and cup-cakes. xxxxxx
      Did you understand what I took for show & tell?

  2. Holy cow! That was hard to read, I can only imagine how hard it was to write…and I have trouble not using the backspace. 🙂

    • Challenges in life ahhh bless them, yes it was a tad difficult..’one’ gets so use to using the space bar… that’s what we need in life a space bar to slow everything down… Thanks Kyred, sorry it was tricky. I shall endeavour to use punctuation in the future lol. xx

  3. hahaha….that was GREAT Mumsy. The weird thing? Unlike kyred…I TOTALLY could read it effortlessly *grins*….I actually was able to read faster I think. I wonder if that is because that is how I sometimes talk????? LOL

    But are you ready for challenge #2. It goes like this…you can put the spaces….but NO NO NO punctuations. Run on sentences!!! Yahhh.

    Example time!!!

    So what is really fun is to write without punctuations and then people will not know when you start a sentence or when you stop a sentence of they will not even know if you had a pause because you don’t have any commas in your sentence too and what is even funner is if you start to not even use capitalizations so that you really start to confuse people but i think you can possibly use a capitol I or maybe it is a capital I with capital spelled with an a instead of an o but now i am not even using quotes and will even begin to not use the apostrophe on contraction words and

    *DDEEEPPPPP BREAATTTHHHH and continues* …

    and it is really fun if when you are doing this you hold your breath and see just how many words you can get out which sort of suck if you make a lot of typos because you have to go back and edit misspellings which then reduces your word count and if you try to not breath your face starts to turn blue but hold on a little longer because


    and damnit it has less words now because the longer i try to do this the less my ability to hold my feckin breath oh god oh god i need to stop because my eyes are getting sore and i am sure you are not liking reading such a run on sentence.

    *gasps for breaht*

    • I’m exhaussssted just reading that!!!! OMG I can see where you are coming from. I know I read fast too…but that was hilarious. Have you bathed your eyes??? 🙂 Agreed must be read in speed with breath drawn!

      Magnificent Katiekins…as always
      🙂 xxx

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