I thank you for saying thank you

By Isobel
This book was obviously written for women and mothers but is such a touching story that men will enjoy it as well. A well prepared and formatted EPUB.
4.0 out of 5 stars The Empty Nest, September 20, 2012
From the cradle to the empty nest. I passed through that journey myself so I understand the emotional roller coaster ride that this author takes you through. I think all daughters and daughters-in-law should read it – O, yes the boys too. I am the mother of two boys! There are tears and laughter, joys and sorrows in this very honest tale and it helps us to understand how we can support each other as mothers as we go through life together. Shirley Chalmers
Shirley is one the blogs that I follow – so thank you Shirley 🙂
5.0 out of 5 stars Really enjoyable, easy read, September 5, 2012
Despite not having any children, I really enjoyed this book. It was funny, light and easy to relate to. Being one of 3 daughters, it has helped put some things in perspective and understand why my mum does/says the things she does! Will definitely be recommending this to all the mums I know!

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I thank those above that have taken the time to post a rating on The Empty Nest – A Mother’s Hidden Grief.
Available through Lulu and Amazon.
I also thank WordPress for opening such a wonderful opportunity to me and thousands of other writers.

4 thoughts on “I thank you for saying thank you

  1. Mumsy, I saw you and your beautiful!! *hugging your beauty* Lol
    I’m hopeless with technology… Don’t have a kindle! *smiling*
    I’ll see my brother next week…maybe he can download onto my PC?

    • hides with embarrassment she saw me…when?…how?…the wedding pic?….oh dear…
      but I thank you for hugging my beauty lol ain’t you so sweet 🙂 and I’m hugging your beauty back also my lovey
      Kindles are really easy to operate…it’s just if you are a ‘want to hold a book to read’ type person or I can read off anything kinda gal.
      Mr S has one so he bought the 1st copy and I almost fell over backwards seeing it there in print… humbling
      Yes you can download onto your PC also.
      I’ve got a whole $6.17aud coming to me this week from Lulu… I promise I shan’t spend it all at once!
      But it taint about the $ it’s the fact that I wrote something and people actually want to read it…(and I am truly amazed by that) the life of an Author/ess? lol


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