What are you afraid of?

Is it? (Arachnophobia

Courtesy Google & Australian Museum website..The Australian Huntsman Spider.

or this? (Ophidiophobia)

Courtesy Google & Museum Victoria website. An Australian snake.

or this? ( Lepidopterophobia)

Courtesy Google & Cairns.com.au. An Australian Butterfly.

or this? (Entomophobia)

Courtesy Google & Reptile Pages. An Australian Bug.

or this (Crocodyliphobia)

Courtesy Google & Brainz. Australian Crocodile









hmmm some of Australia‘s finest….


What is your Phobia…could be something so innocent as Coulrophobia?

Courtesy Google & NY Daily News.com









Do share with me what send shivers down your spine, how you cope (or don’t). What is YOUR Phobia & how do you deal with it?


28 thoughts on “What are you afraid of?

  1. I am afraid of sharks that is why I never swim too far away from the shore (and I have never actually watched JAWS, imagine that!), snakes (I saw one live once – not at the zoo obviously – and it was shivers down my back and huge hairy spiders (like your picture no1). Apart from that I hate cockroaches, I find them totally and utterly disgusting. That is my (not so short) list.

    • I wouldn’t want to come face to face with a shark either and I watched Jaws twice lol.
      Snakes, I have almost stepped on one once and jumped a mile.
      Cockroaches are disgusting and fast.
      The Huntsman spider as in the pic give me the shivers every time they are in the house, some of them are the size of your palm.
      If they are inside the house they get the spray, if they are outside they are left alone..someone just has to tell them the rules!

  2. I’m a clown collector so definitely not clowns! …As for the first 2 photo’s… OMG, I still feel terrified! I have nightmares regularly on both of them. My poor husband wakes up to me screaming. *laughing* I picked a baby snake up earlier this year whilst clearing leaves around our property! *EEK* Instantly I threw the leaves to the ground! I had to stay calm as my grandson was with me and I didn’t want to frighten him. He ran for his dad whilst I kept an eye on the snake. My son told me it was poisonous and killed it. On acreage snakes are everywhere. So although I’m terrified I have to face my fear, otherwise I would never go visit my Llamas. xxxxxxx

    • Isn’t it funny how clowns don’t effect some people yet others can be terrified of them!
      I don’t have nightmares about them thankfully, but as I said to Tatu they are dealt with if inside the house (huntsman that is not snakes) and if I have run out of Mortein then out comes the Hairspary!
      Glad you are facing your fears, do they go near the Llamas?

    • Snakes seem to make us girls have an **arggh jump on the chair**reaction.
      No fortunately I haven’t been up close to a croc either, I watched a show in Thailand where I am sure they were drugged…as who else in their right mind would slide head first towards their open mouths and stick their head inside…..
      Thanks but no thanks..

  3. Oh mummy, mine is arachnophobia by far. Snakes scare me but I’ve touched them, and I’m more fascinated than freaked out. Now spiders are just a different ball game altogether. The Hunstmen or man, I don’t know.. Have freaked me out so many many times, growing up in Canberra. They just seem to hang around. I have screamed blue murder. As a child, someone scared me about a Huntsman one time and since then, that’s it. Over here in San Francisco, we have medium sized spiders and the dreaded black widow, not unlike the redback – u can tell I know my spiders right??? 😉
    I could go on and on…

    • Hi sweet, yes I’m with you. Even though a jumped over a live coiled up snake whilst out walking one time, I didn’t freak out, however a Huntsman within 6 meters is way too close for me!
      Yes I’m a woosy and I don’t care who knows! 🙂
      Ah yes the redback, the black widow, the white tail…..
      Yes it appears you do…be like me and reach for the spray!

  4. Those pictures are enough to give anyone a phobia!!
    I’m actually okay with creepy crawlies, I would say that my fears are deeper. Sometimes I get a sense that my flesh is a little tense, and I have to sit quietly with myself and ask, what it is you are afraid of? It’s at those times that I know I have slipped out of living in the moment and am looking at the future and worrying. A bit of a serious reply – I’ve been reading some heavy blog posts this last half hour!
    Who could be afraid of butterflies – don’t they always bring joy?

  5. I’m glad I make you laugh. I shall definitely do a blog on Australia- excellent idea – thank you – I just have to work out these disappearing photos..all the ones I scanned I have put on 5 times and they won’t stay 😦
    I’ve never heard of Wingham…see how big this place is! 🙂

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