Holidaying In Echuca Victoria

Pic Courtesy of Google and Murray River Photos

Last weekend we went to Echuca it’s a 3 hour drive from

Melbourne just near the border of N.S.W. (New South Wales).

I wrote a bit in my journal it went like this…

Sitting next to the pool at the Motel on a blanket on the grass, sipping a red wine and writing- does it get any better?

The sun is shining, a simply glorious day 27 deg C. After an exhausting day at work (Friday 9th) and not feeling too well due to a sore throat bug thing we set off for the drive north to Echuca Moama. Within 30 minutes I was pushing out zzzz’s and woke an hour before we arrived.

The paddocks stretched far and wide either side of the highway as far as they eye could see..that in itself was relaxing.

I saw a herd of sheep to my right, on top of one of the sheep’s heads sat a bird. The sheep was holding his head up to try and see what it was…I’m sorry I laughed it was funny.

We arrived at the Motel, packed away our belongings (I pack for 2 weeks when we go for 2 days), we then went out to a Pub then back to the Motel for some more zzzz’s.

Didn’t sleep that well, perhaps strange bed, perhaps niggly throat thingy and awoke at 6.16am…yay holiday!

We then drove to the designated meeting spot (after a bacon and egg McMuffin for breakfast) well we WERE on holidays πŸ™‚ to begin our kayaking adventure down the Murray River (see top pic), 12 kilometers and 2 hours later we arrived back at our starting spot, with sore arms and back from row row rowing that boat …sorry Kayak.

Courtesy Google &

The Murray in Echuca is renowned for it’s old Paddle Steamers as a Tourist attraction. We didn’t hop on board me hearty’s as we were hungry so off we went to a Pub for lunch in the town sitting in the sunshine, eating a prawn caesar salad (which was utterly delightful) and sipping a Sauvignon Blanc Β (Mr S had a slice of home made egg, bacon & spinach pie and a beer) and watching the old coach and Clydesdale horse pull around the tourists and generally people watch.

Courtesy Google and Dept of Victoria


Courtesy Houseofhumble and Google

It was only Friday night, Saturday and Sunday but it felt so much longer.

The different state of mind you are able to achieve when you are on holidays…how grand is it… many more weekends with my gorgeous Mr. S will be planned I am sure.

23 thoughts on “Holidaying In Echuca Victoria

  1. I felt like I just went a wee holiday! *thank you* The bacon and egg McMuffin tasted very nice! I think I liked it? *laughing*
    I definitely liked the bourbon and coke I drank! …Okay okay I wasn’t there! *laughing* but if I had been I would definitely have gone on that horse and cart ride! *smiling* I love drysdale horses! Are you now well mumsy? …..Paulama xxxxxxxx

    • I thought I got you the sausage & egg McMuffin????
      I had a bourbon or 2 myself but sssh don’t tell anyone πŸ˜‰
      yes all good now thank you – it was a very strange throat ‘thingy’ – thank you for asking though
      Mumsy xxxxxxxxx

  2. I love your trip!
    Glad you had a wonderful time getting away even if you were not at the top of your game throat wise


  3. I am glad you are wanting to move on … I never thought for one minute you were talking ill about an Australian πŸ™‚ Yes that would be grand. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a BLOG person event and meet all the people that we speak too from here…that would be truly and utterly amazing! I do hope you can get over here and yes we would do something fun…how awesome would that be!!? xxx πŸ™‚

  4. That sounds like you had a lovely trip Mumsy *smiles* … and I am picturing the sheep and bird thing now. I would have been laughing too … but oh no, I likely would have been the driver and have gotten swerved into the ditch!

    By the way … I LOVE kayaking *smiles* … both me and the daughter own one … though we have not been out in ages!

  5. Yes he/she was what …where..what bird…where…I can’t see it.. I can feel something though…where did you say???
    **laughing** again

    It’s a tad achy on the arms and the back..I have only done it twice …but Mr.S took up my slack so it wasn’t too bad apart from almost decapitating myself with the paddle as I tried to stop heading into sunken branches in thew river!!!
    Get out then woman and Kayak again!!!


    • I hope so too..just little weekends away are relaxing and make you feel body and mind enter another zone ;_)
      Thanks Di …you have alot on your plate right now – so thanks for taking the time out to visit πŸ™‚

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