6 thoughts on “Sisterly Love Award

  1. Congratulations on your nomination! Also, thank you so much for nominating me! I really appreciate it! I just googled frangipanis…I never heard of it!! Holy cow, that is a beautiful flower!! I can’t believe I’ve seen one or heard of them before!!! I can see why it is your favorite!!

    • I thank you and you are most welcome.
      Frangipanis have the most beautiful scent too, they are mainly grown in Queensland and the tropics (trees) but they are simply gorgeous. When in QLD their scent is smelt everywhere in the streets where they grow and are amazing! 🙂

  2. Yahhhh you!!!! Hugggss …. likes the title of this award … just because Huggss again.

    And oh yes..thank you as well..for nominating me. I will have to do like myspokenheart and do an apology blog post about not thanking people enough lol.

    And ….. I copied motherhoodisanart …and googled frangipanis *S*

    And …(3rd “And”) …. I love your favorite colour!

    • You are welcome too gorgeous lady 🙂
      You are such a dag (please don’t google that – it means hanging off a sheeps bum) but the nicer term is you are a character! 🙂
      Love love love my frangipanis – pity we can’t grow them here down South in Melbourne 😦 Climate too cold… grrrrr

      Yes emerald green…. to be sure to be sure 😉


    • Your are also welcome – I nominated you & the other lovely people because you have followed me, taken an interest, commented, which is nice to have and makes one feel that what one is doing is worthwhile and reaching people. Sorry for the ‘one’ terminology the English in me comes out now and then woo hoo ‘haughty toyte’
      Glad you are checking out the others also 🙂
      Yeee haaa see a little bit of you now that I know, that I didn’t yesterday!

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