Christmas Shopping the thrill of it all…..

The silly Season has begun in earnest, cars driving around shopping centre car-parks bustling for pole position.

I lie in wait (well not really lying as that’s hard to do if you’re driving) waiting for a weary, frazzled shopper laden with bags to return to their car. If they can find it that is. Then it’s time to pounce like a lion stalking their prey.

Rally driving skills (not that I have any) come into play.

Like a mad man woman possessed I hit the accelerator, ducking and weaving other weary shoppers, like I am driving a dodgem car and pull up behind the unsuspecting victim (weary shopper laden with bags) and wait for them to pack their goodies into their boot.

Then casually as if the good car parking fairy had designated this very spot for me alone, I take my place.

  • Yes I will get flustered.
  • Yes I will think how hard is it to find a car-park?
  • Yes I will curse under my breath and out loud that I hate Christmas shopping.

It’s all meant to be peaceful, serene, good will to men isn’t it??

No it’s every man woman for themselves out there in the car- park battle for supremacy.

To think the ‘fun’ has only just begun..

I wish you well oh fellow shoppers, in your quest to find your spot. I wish you peaceful shopping expeditions, where you’re not jostling amongst a thousand other stressed out adults and children, wishing that they had stayed at home.

I hope that you can park your car without having to lurk and to show good manners and grace when a driver cuts you off or pinches YOUR spot.

I tried to start shopping early before the frenzy and crowds overtook the centres, but it seems early is never early enough!

May The Force be With You

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17 thoughts on “Christmas Shopping the thrill of it all…..

  1. I’m pretty sure someone flipped me off today when I turned into a spot directly before them. I didn’t have my glasses on so I’m not positive. I waved and smiled. Pretty sure they didn’t wave back.

    • That’s the GOOD manners I’m talking about Beck. Though I find when someone does ‘flip’ and you return with a smile it irritates them even more…perhaps that was my evil intent 😉 That’s so funny saying you couldn’t tell because you didn’t have your glasses on! I’m also blind as a bat when driving without them.

  2. Mumsy, it is the worst time to go shopping over here. We just celebrated Thanksgiving and the day following it is called Black Friday – have u heard of it? it is technically the best day of the year to buy TVs, cameras and just about everything else. However, it is not the kindest nor most giving holiday… when I see people shoving each other, pummeling and pushing, just to get at a product, I cannot believe my eyes. Well, I say this every year 🙂 I don’t know why I am so shocked. We see these images at various malls, where people line up to buy goodness knows what as if it is the last thing left to do in this lifetime. Can it be worth that much? I think not. I am starting my shopping early. I also drive really early so I can get a good parking spot. No one is patient anymore. I dare not leave it until the last moment…

    • I hear you sweet, we have the Boxing Day Sales, so of course the day AFTER Christmas, everything is on sale. However when you could be bothered to cram in with the crowds most of the goodies on sale are not the right size, colour etc. In other words just stock they couldn’t sell during the year and now try to off load it.
      Not long to go now everyone, rally driving helmets at the ready!!!

      • I do remember those Boxing Day sales. Used to do them quite a bit, then got a bit savvy and realized, I never really bought anything, I truly needed 😦

        It certainly is almost there isn’t it?

  3. Hahaha! Being that shopping is on of my favorite past times, *smiling* I see this scenario quite often!
    As for the fact Christmas is just around the corner, boy am I happy I get to shop early in the day!
    I hate it when you watch a car waiting to get into a car park, just see another car come from the opposite direction and pull in as if the other car didn’t exists!!! whopps I’m groggy! get off the computer Paula!! Night Mumsy……..xxxx

  4. Ivonne, go the pic copy image link. Then in your appearance side bar in dashboard find the ‘image’ bar drag that across to the right hand side of the screen and put the URL in there.

    Scratches heard ..I think that’s what I did… help followers if what I said is wrong?


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