A Blagh Day

Here I am again

Today was a blagh day.. is there such a word? Yes there is (in my vocabulary at any rate)

  • A day where I truly did not want go into work.
  • A day when I really didn’t need the driver behind me beeping his horn when I was stopped at traffic lights and knew I couldn’t move anyway. For him to then sit right on my ……. I’ll leave the dots up to your imagination (I’m trying to be polite here)ย all the way down the road and then duck and weave causing others to slam on their brakes. Not a Gen Y, but an elderly gentlemen ย ‘bloke’ (Aussie term) who thought he would make my morning drive to work the morning from hell.
  • A day when after a weekend of heavy socialising I stupidly got on the scales and uttered those 3 letters OMG.
  • A day when I came home utterly exhausted and burst into tears because I had to.
  • A day when I just felt blaghย with every minuscule moment that passed.
  • A day when I noticed bruises and don’t remember how or when I got them.
  • A day when I realised I haven’t taken my Krill or Aspirin for a few days.

So that’s been my day.

I hope tomorrow is better.

As I went for my walk at lunch time this came into my head

Where did you come from oh jiggly arms and tum?

Jiggly as I pound the pavement my arms and tum and bum

Wrinkle lines upon my face

Wrinkly lines such a disgrace

Good riddance I say to you all

Bring back the me I used to know

Nah who am I kidding that will never be

This is you, who you are now, the younger one you’ll never see

Stop rhyming as you walk this road

Can’t you stop for just a minute the thoughts within your head

Pfft so what if you have jiggly bits and wrinkles

At least you are not dead

That because it was a blagh day… The End

Courtesy Google and style.uk.msn.com

12 thoughts on “A Blagh Day

  1. Evening Mumsy! Days like this you wish you hadn’t gotten out of bed! *smiling* But life forced you and then you were left with your own rogue thoughts! It’s horrible that we start to pick on ourselves when our moods a little low. I too am very guilty at doing this!
    I feel your beauty and compassion through your writing. I don’t care what you look like! But I’ve seen a picture of you and your beautiful! Don’t say it’s an old picture and you’ve changed a little since then! It’s you and you are beautiful!
    Night Mumsy, tomorrow will be a better day! …….Paula-Paulama and Honey-pie! xxxxxxxooooooooxxxxx

    • Hit it on the head in fact a day pretty much like today – but I shall try not wallow any further,
      I know we all have out blagh days and those who don’t are fibbing ๐Ÿ™‚
      Thank you saying what you did about my writing and my photo you are TOOOOO kind.
      Luvs ya Paulama honey-pie xxxxxxxxxooooo

  2. CHEER UP we all have been there and me on so many days I could feel the pain through the funny words Hey you are a Blog of the Year WINNER SMILE and go to Facebook to join in on the blogs page that is if you too do FACEBOOK!


    Sounds like you had a rough day Mumsy. So you get extra hugs..


    And by the way, I have seen you as well …. and I think you are wonderfully beautiful *smiles*. I do believe, if I were Mr S, I would ask you out on a date and be smiling like the chesire cat I would nod nods.

    You hang in there Mumsy.

    • Thank you Katiekins for the huggggs and the extra huggggs.
      Awwww thank you about the photo also – amazing what professional make up will do for a woman!
      OK perhaps we toss Mr S and you and I are out on a date woo woo lol
      Thank you and the other girls for cheering me up.

      It’s wonderful to know that ‘my girls’ are so supportive and I loves you all

  4. Huggies( as my 7 yr old likes calling them) and more huggies coming your way Mumsy. I haven’t seen your picture, I wish I could, but I can’t for a minute imagine you are anything but beautiful. Wrinkles or not, if you have a sense of humor and love life, you’ve got to be lovely.

    • Oh the picture it’s on one of my posts with my daughters wedding photo (I can’t remember where though) my brain is frazzled from working today. Thank you for your kind words darling appreciated as usual. xxoooxx

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