Yes ‘fraid so it is I again…with my obsession to write.

Yes it is me again …

I wonder how many of you get that notification that I have posted yet again (maybe I should get a job delivering mail?) and shudder.

If you have followed me and are over my ‘ramblings’ and have completely tuned out, switched off , un-followed or simply delete the email notification you receive from ramblings or you couldn’t be bothered reading I forgive you.

I understand you and I bare no grudges ๐Ÿ™‚ for I do post a lot I am a prattler ย – “talk at length in a foolish or inconsequential way”.

Some times my posts are informative (rare I know) sometimes they are lyrical, sometimes they are poetical and sometimes they are just well nonsense.

But come to think about it, if you have tuned out or struck me off your list you wouldn’t be receiving a notification of this post anyway, so eck I’m not disturbing your peace at all.

I honestly could write all day and night (I’m sure there’s medication for RSI). I cold prattle on forever. What obsesses me to do so? Whether it’s writing a Novel or a Post…it still remains the same an OBSESSION.

I now repost 10 reasons which I found on cassandrajade.wordpress.comย site. I hope she doesn’t mind me using it and I thank her, for I find what she has written so very true.

1. You start re-reading every sentence that you write and then start re-writing every sentence, convinced that you are โ€˜improvingโ€™ them. I know when itโ€™s time to stop when I have just written the same sentence ten times and I no longer even believe it to be written in English.

2. Your partner/best friend/child sends you an instant message asking if you will be eating breakfast/lunch/dinner.

3. You start arguing with your characters out loud: โ€œNo, you fool. You have to goโ€ฆโ€

4. You have any kind of repetitive strain problem (wrist, arm, finger, neck, eyes). ย  Hence my medication comment.

5. You get home from your day job and your computer is turned on before you have put your bag down, taken your shoes off, fed your pets, or spoken to your children.

6. When you have told your friend/partner/child you will be ready to leave just after finishing one more sentence you write another couple of pages and forget you were meant to be finishing until they unplug the computer at the wall.

7. In your bag you have at least three notebooks and five pens, as well as a pencil in case all of you pens cease working on the same day.

8. Every single thing you read or watch is critiqued in terms of character, plot and setting.

9. When you meet someone for the first time you repeat their name, not to help you remember them but so that you can someday use that name in a story.

10. In conversation you directly reference events and characters you have been writing about (even though nobody else has read it yet).

So I post away day to day if I need to (yes I need to) I’m convincing myself it’s not a form of OCD.

Also I would like to mention October 24th I did a post about having 1,816 people read my ramblings, as of tonight I have had 3,022…Yes I am delighted, thrilled and feel very appreciative to all of you who continue reading.

Whoever would of thunk it!!!!


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Courtesy Google &

19 thoughts on “Yes ‘fraid so it is I again…with my obsession to write.

    • Hello and welcome ๐Ÿ™‚ It is a strange affliction we all seem to have. Unfortunately no medication to cure it. I don’t think I can get through a day without writing of some sort…oh my my tired fingers and wrists… occupational hazard ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. The laughs are continuing…yes yes that is I..sad but true. I am tonight taking note of how long it takes me to reply to posts and to comment on those that have so kindly been left… tick tock it’s now 6.30 pm my time… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Oh No! I do so many of these things! *laughing*
    Love your post!
    I upset one of my followers yesterday by being too positive/optimistic or maybe even too insensitive as to how she was feeling:( Made me feel like shit! She then had a dig at my name, Depression Exists and said how crap she feels every time she see’s the title.
    Hate knowing I’ve upset someone! I so didn’t mean it the way she took it! *Blah* tried to make amends,…who knows?
    Lucky it was on her page and not mine…
    If I had comments like that everyday, I would stop blogging! Chow Mumsy!! I feel like Honey-pie today! Lol xxxx

    • I know we all seem be in the same boat – I guess that’s why we blog. I can’t believe that by you being optimistic to someone, they would then have a dig at your Title..that is SO unfair and cruel. Does she expect you to change it so that she feels better? I THINK NOT!
      I haven’t had any negativity (yet) and I can’t imagine that I would be able to count to 10 and remain calm. If you have tried to make amends so be it and I am sure you didn’t even have to. If she doesn’t like your Title then she doesn’t have to follow..simple. I know you and you would never do anything to hurt anyone. So continue being the Honey-Pie that you are and the comments that are made that are unnecessary…forget. Maybe she was having a really tough day, but surely you being pessimistic would have helped her? I am sure she will have a second think about what was said and forget also…here’s hoping.
      Love you xxooooo

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