Is it criminal to do 2 posts in one night?

Bah Humbug!!!  Where’s your Christmas Spirit?

No honestly I am in more of a writing mood than I was yesterday.. if that is humanely possibly.

PLEASE  I implore you all (though I write because of the reasons I have previously stated) it does not mean in any way shape or form that you have to respond to everything I put on here , so please remember that. I won’t be offended if you don’t. I realise it’s time consuming. It has taken me just on 2 hours to answer my comments that have been kindly left and write the TGIF post and I haven’t gone into all the folks I follow and see what they have done since yesterday yet.

Craziness, madness??…Yes I spend all day staring at a computer screen and then I spend up to 6 hours when I get home doing the same thing.

The difference is I LOVE THIS.

I’m not a bored lonely old woman sitting in front of her computer with nothing better to do (in fact I probably could be putting a load of washing on). It was 38 deg C today, it’s hot here in OZ and the Evap Cooler is chugging away working over time trying to cope and Mr. S god love ‘im, is reading his Kindle upstairs. (When I say upstairs I mean up the 3 steps from the family room to the lounge room). He did come down and say “Still going” I replied with a “Yup” he returned laughing with “What a pity you can’t make money from it”.

Tis not for the money I assured  him it’s because I love it so and he nodded, smiled and said “I know you do”.

I love Mr S for his patience and his tolerance towards my addiction.

This post is pretty much about nought, but still I must write…maybe I should get stuck into that Novel I started months ago..but I do not have the urge, I have the urge to do this. It is weird and possibly unproductive, but I do it none the less.

Brain going sideways – I  mind dogs part time, it pays very little ($13 a day) but I do it because.

  • I haven’t got my Tarsha with me any longer.
  • I LOVE dogs.
  • I love seeing their different personalities and their uniqueness.
  • I feed them, medicate them, put on ointment, walk them, play with them, make sure they are comfy away from their mum and dad.
  • Sometimes it’s for 2 days, sometimes it’s for a month.
  • I don’t want to go through the pain of losing another fur baby, this way I get to have a dog in my life for as much or as little time as their owners are away.

Tonight we have Peta a Staffy X Terrier. Her owner rescued her from the RSPCA when she was 6 months old. She is 2 1/2 now. She has already assumed the protector role and barks at people walking past the house. She comes into the study, checks me out then waddles back out again.

I have minded dogs for quite some years now with this company (not my day job) and have looked after over 70 dogs from Chihuahuas to Malamutes 2 at one time..(who hogged the couch) apart from um err 2 (one Great Dane who chewed 3 entire windows of my new Cedar venetian wooden blinds & 1 male Husky who was such a princess..that I had to stand by HIS bowl hand feeding a BBQ chicken to him and if I wasn’t crouching eye level he barred teeth) I have loved every one of them.  would be so proud 🙂

Brain returning…maybe I write because I feel so connected with those that follow me and also those that don’t. I am in a circle of friends that I have not set eyes upon and yet I want to give a group hug to…. ahh me getting melancholy so I shall stop now.

Brain returning sideways – I sold another book on LULU …no I did not write this post to plug my Memoir, no my intention was not to hook you in to brag. I am happy is all and wanted to share my happiness, coz I’m kinda chuffed.

Stay tuned readers…stay tuned

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15 thoughts on “Is it criminal to do 2 posts in one night?

    • Hello sweetness – thank you – yes I love minding them. We have an initial meet and greet where I meet the ‘parents’ and the fur baby, if we all get along (or more so they are confident in me) they then book. When their fur baby returns they are often excited to meet me again which is adorable. It’s late now, I have spent 5 1/2 hrs on my Mac and Peta needs to get to bed 🙂 So till tomoorw… xxx

  1. Bloody real life…I had to cook dinner and not blog! *laughing*
    Wow! that is a lot of dog loving going on! *smiling* I think it takes a very special personality to look after other peoples animals.
    Still haven’t got around to my brother downloading your book on my PC. *sigh* Hate that I’m so computer illiterate!!
    It will happen, I just have to be patient! Love you heaps mumsy, don’t care that it’s cyber land! I’m grateful for you in my life in any way! Night night mumsy! xxxxxxooooo

    • You what??? Had to cook dinner?? Oh no 😉 Yes me loves dogs and we just came back from a walk and it’s 28 degC today not as bad as yesterday (Sounding old talking about the weather!) Move on Mumsy move on.
      Don’t fret honey-pie that your a PC naffy – so am I really 🙂 Hopefully he will get to it..and hopefully you enjoy it.
      Nawwww thank you I am grateful you are in mine also and I luvs ya more lol xxxoooxxx

  2. Loved your piece write when the feeling to do so moves you : I have you in my RSS feed so I will never miss another even if I am gone for a LONG TIME 🙂

  3. I am new to the world of blogging but I must say, I am really enjoying it too. I was delighted when my husband walkek into the kitchen yesterday to find me taking a photo of an empty egg carton and a bowl of eggs and said “I presume that’s for your blog”! (He was right, of course)

  4. Heaven….does it exist? Who knows…if it does…YOU WILL GET A PASS….all dog and dog lovers (and even some non dog lovers) will get free passes. And yes yes yes…I am super proud of you. Yahhhhh….*bark barky barky bark bark arwwoooo barky bark bark* (which translates into … “you are a puppers best friend yahhhh arwoooo and do I get a biscuit now?” Note … there is not translation for “arwoooo”)

    Uhm….where was I?

    Oh … I was going to say … sometimes you just have to write…and having a topic is optional. Having a point is also at your discretion. Nod nods.

    • Arwooooooo ..pant..pant..lick…lick…WOOF! You made me laugh as you do, yes hopefully there is a heaven and when it’s my time to cross the Rainbow Bridge I hopefully will have Tarsha back again, young and a puppy and we can be how we were. 🙂

      I write then I think of a Title, my topics evolve as I write..hence the rambling part because I have so many things going through this head of mine at one time.
      I like your nods 🙂 xxx

  5. Mumsy, I knew you were a dog person…. I am too, yes, I am. I used to dog sit for friends all the time, the girls came and we haven’t done it in a while. I don’t get to reply you straight away but oh the joy of seeing all your posts together, while planning mine is um, pretty jolly. So write 2 or 3, I’ll read it, well, somehow, as soon as possible. Well, you know what I mean.

    • You crazy lady 🙂 **Laughing** Yes I have just bid adieu to Peta and she will return at Christmas for another visit. Thank you for saying you like seeing all my posts together lol. When I start I can’t stop, but even this morning when I woke..I thought…perhaps I should slow down..perhaps they should be more meaningful..perhaps I shall concentrate on topics that people may be more interested in… it’s a ‘perhaps’ that may never happen…I’ll have to wait and see what my inner self tells me. xoxoxox

  6. Oh and mumsy, have you checked out ‘Pinterest?’ you can link your blog to it, I have done so with mine. Create boards of all your favorite things in the world, yes, pets included!! and have more followers that way, also we get to see your other interests and hobbies. WordPress has a button to add to your post. Try it out. I’m so happy you sold another copy of your book on Lulu.

    • I haven’t tried it – but I have heard of it my daughter has a site and she has some pretty nice things on it. I may have to ask how and what to do as this lady is so NOT tech savvy 😦 Thank you about my book. As I said I won;t become a JK Rowling at $3.99 a copy lol but I get tingles when I open up Lulu or Amazon to see that another has been purchased …someone in this big wide world wants to read something I wrote… it’s the buzz us writers want. 🙂 xxxooo

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