Dr Who and the Tardis

Courtesy Google and bagsmagazine

Courtesy Google & bagsmagazine.com

See my every day hand bag is this size    (see left)

Courtesy Google & indimart.com

But I really should have this….Yes Ladies the old conundrum of toting (pardon the pun) around a bag far larger than my needs require. For the amount of rubbish that I accumulate in having a bag of this size gives me nothing but complete exasperation on a daily basis. Why do I stuff everything bar the kitchen sink in there? What can I never find when wanting it? For me it’s my little mobile phone.

“Your bag is ringing” they would say.

“Oh yes, well no use trying to retrieve as it will have stopped by the time I actually find the bloody thing!”  There are pieces of paper, tissues used and new. There are eye liner pencils and lipsticks that have not so conveniently fallen from the make-up bag and roll around enjoying their freedom. There is the make up bag. The pens (some work some don’t). There’s old pay slips, sun glasses, notes with directions on, shopping lists, paperclips..how did they get in there? Rubber bands. Loose change.  There is FRUSTRATION !!! I carry this around daily (yes I do have other bags) but I like the look of this (enter stubbornness) one the most (not as in the picture girls) and for some unexplained reason perhaps only to us females (or just me) I continue to use it, even though I should be booking a Chiropractic visit weekly for putting my neck out under the weight.

“So tell me what on earth are you lifting to do this”? “Just a hand bag”

Searching, scrummaging,fossicking is a daily occurrence for me and said bag . Shall I stop using it ..no..shall I try  emptying it more often to make life easier for myself..again possibly no.

Now I know why men make such a fuss over man bags..not because they don’t want to be seen getting in touch with their feminine side but because they simply don’t want to have the drama involved in digging their way around, through inside pockets, outside zips and inside folds to find their mobile phones!

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TARDIS   = TARDIS stands for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space. The Tardis is bigger on the inside using transcendental dimensions.

Ladies & Gentlemen I rest my case.

16 thoughts on “Dr Who and the Tardis

  1. Hi Mumsy! *waving excitedly* I so can’t stop laughing! I just swapped my huge bag for one of my smaller ones. I can’t stand it! *laughing* Tonight I’m swapping back to the big one that made my shoulder ache! So ridiculous, I know!! I feel lost! *laughing* …….Paula xxxxx

    • It seems some of my thoughts and yours are linked at times *Waves back excitedly* You made me laugh reading how your wrote and what you wrote 🙂 It’s a dilemma…don’t get too sore lugging them around!! xxxxxooo 🙂

  2. I have switched from a hand bag to just a wallet and (eeps…for a VERY short while one of those back pack purses). I go though stages of caring a clutch (but only when I want to be hoity toity) … to lugging a beach bag sized monster.

    By the way…the TARDIS is also the coolest time/space traveling vehicle! lol

      • Actually nope … but I order things online sometimes (from catalogues) …and kept seeing this old english phone station … so looked up the tardis and read about it lol

  3. Ah, yes. THE BAG. I personally made the switch a long time ago. I purposely choose a bag that will hold only the essentials with a cell phone pocket on the outside. Even if I still manage to junk up the inside, I can still find the phone. Maybe you could get a clip on phone case. Then you can keep the favored bag and find your phone. 🙂

    • Good idea Kyred inside my Tardis there are 2 small side pockets …WHICH I were a sensible person I would put my phone in them EVERY time but alas some days I am not sensible and therefore I just throw it in amongst the accumulation… of well what can only be described as ‘crap’ lol Oh did I mention there is a large zipped pocket on the outside..again I’m not sensible 😦 xxx

  4. This is so me! I have a bag with all sorts of crap in it….some I can no longer identify. Still, it’s my favorite and I’m not parting with the big mama until I find a worthy replacement.

  5. Very funny. Made me think of all the boyfriends i see on the street, looking sheepish, having to carry their girlfriend’s bags because they’ve gone and packed them with too much stuff and can’t handle the weight.

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