Reminiscing Ireland

Ireland courtesy Google

Take me back to Ireland where the grass is always green

Take me back to rolling hills, the old stone houses never seen

Take me back to brooks that run in valleys far and wide

Take me back to its people and its breathtaking countryside


Bring me laughter in old pubs and share a Guinness or two

Bring me accents sometimes hard to follow and bring me Irish stew

Let me see the craggy rocks that line the water shore

Let me walk across old bridges, see leprechauns and more


Let me visit Castles grand upon hill tops were they still stand

Let me climb the steps of Blarney and kiss the Blarney Stone again

Let me take in all its history and its beauty that spans afar

Let me hear the young folk speak with kindness of their mam and da


The valleys, the hills the quaint old pubs where people spread so much joy

Yes take me back to Ireland via plane or ship ahoy

I want to walk on grounds of old and feel the green grass beneath my feet

I want to return to Kerry and Cork, watch cows graze and hear sheep bleat


I want to go back to Waterford, Killarney & Dublin too

I want to recapture the memories of old and make some memories of new

So grant me to see Ireland once more, the beautiful country that I love

Its culture, its character, the people… of these I shall never tire of


(This is also for Katie)

18 thoughts on “Reminiscing Ireland

    • Thank you Mary for visiting and your lovely comments. Unfortunately I have trouble with downloading my own photos on my site. This is one I have borrowed (and whether it remains on the blog is another question!) If I could I would put up more photos of my Travels but sadly I cannot.
      You must try and visit Ireland! (or Italy for that matter) πŸ™‚

  1. OMG….is that not Galway????

    *smiles gently* … we will have to plan a trip one day … I can be your guide …

    Tis a fine piece of writing (except for the leprechauns … they are a nasty lot!)

    Now I want to write a poem of Australia … though I do not know it well enough (which lead to yet another reason for a trip *smiles*)

    • That would so truly wonderful wouldn’t it??? – we had the Coach Tour, and although we saw many beautiful places, there is obviously SO much more to see.
      I have started a savings jar..hmm $10 so far, Mr. S said that would get me to the nearest shops for a coffee 😦 But I am trying!! I so want to return to show him and the UK.
      You MUST come to Australia .,.you simply must!!!! You have a house to stay in…here!!!!
      Psst: I didn’t see any Leprechauns but the Coach Driver told us all about them πŸ˜‰
      Thank you for liking it I love the way you say ’tis’.


      • ack!!! sometimes I do not pay attention to how I am writing (well … I do when I am typing at work or something to someone I don’t know and am trying to be a bit more formal or professional .. but with friends and family I get a bit more relaxed and sometimes the typing comes out the way I am thinking it. Not now though, I am very conscious of what I am thinking with this reply lol.)

        As for visiting there …. I sooooo will make plans I think …nod nods..though ….from Paula’s post, oh lord, there seems to be no shortage of poisonous animals and plants.

  2. Beautiful prose and even more beautiful that picture! My husband has traveled a all over Europe & Asia with his job and he still talks about Ireland very fondly….the people, the culture and the landscape. Nice post!

    • Ok I am trying again had to delete my other replies because..well..I don;t know what really happened!
      Soooo Thank you Beck for your lovely comments. I wish I could post the photos I have of Europe but 😦 they won;t stay on.
      Your hubby is very fortunate to travel and see adorable Ireland. xx

      As we know some VERY SPECIAL folk come from there πŸ˜‰ (looks up)

    • Thank you Di – I tried lol Yes you must have IRELAND on your go to visit place – much inspiration for writing would come from it (not that you need any) but it would be a writers dream to sit amongst it’s beauty and just write…write…write πŸ™‚ xx

  3. Oh Mumsy, how beautifully you have captured Ireland in prose. I just told Katie, I wanted to go and now I must… on my bucket list for sure. I am impatient. I want to see Cork . Everything about the Emerald land( I do love calling it that, it is so apt) calls out to me. I have a family that wants to see the world, maybe it is on the cards… hmmm. Anyway, I just wanted to say your words make me melt sometimes, not as in caramel or toffee, that would be terrible, but as in wanting to see the place immediately.

    • Thank you – warm & fuzzy inside. I should be an Ambassador for Ireland for perhaps??? Do go if you can for it truly is gods place on earth. I am SO glad my words affect you that way caramel or otherwise.. πŸ™‚ I just wrote a piece on Australia.. I love writing so much **jumps up and down and laughs** xxxx

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