My Entry to Poem Competition – From Rulesofstupid

I noticed this on & &  so it certainly is doing the rounds.

The rules are (I think)

  • Use the comments on one of your blogs posts to make a poem.
  • Edit the words on the comments as little as possible.
  • Put a link in the current blog (this one) that links back to Panda Man’s original blog post (Yup …see above.)
  • Put a link in the current blog (again this one) that links to the blog post you are taking your comments from.
  • I have chosen from 

Internal arguments.


Internal Arguments

She yelled I yelled

I love her with every breath I take

Why should there be this conflict

There are not many rules that I make


I don’t think I am asking too much

I want us to be closer

I would gladly give my life for either of my daughters


Yes I’ve just had a fight with my daughter

The words can cut quite deep

from day to day I see & hear & I’m sorry if I can’t accept

Her words, my words cut at my heart & I can only weep


Unkind words were spoken from both of us

She was not grown up, nor was I

She yelled that I was the worst human being she has known

All I felt was her heart was made of stone


But now things we have mended

To resume our lives once more

She knows that I do love her

She’s a daughter I adore

9 thoughts on “My Entry to Poem Competition – From Rulesofstupid

  1. Hey Mamma, I made it!

    It’s a sad post you took your poem from, hope things are better now between you and daughter. The harder you clasp them the harder they fight, the more you let them go, the closer they stay. Parenting is Haaaard!

    The ‘rules’ were to use the comments, rather than the post – but hey, the whole thing was just a fun idea, and I’m hardly famous for obeying the rules (see any of my award responses 😉 ). So you will go into the pot for judging Monday 😉

    ((Panda Hugs))

    • Yes parenting is hard. I did stuff up it seems, maybe I should have read it a little more. I do apologise. Makes me want to enter again just to show the world I’m not so …well… Thank you for reading – thank you for the panda hugs – appreciated 🙂

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