Yesterday in Melbourne Australia

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100.4F yesterday hot sun in Australia

Parches throat and toasts the fauna

Restless nights sleep

Throw off the doona

Crispens grass and crackles till dry

Sun in the sky blistering high

Dance bare footed across the sand

Lie on the towels to catch suntan

No cool air to dissipate heat

Hot gates to open, hot iron seats

Birds are silent in heat withdrawn

Heat makes you tired sleepy..yawn

Sun rays beam down washing gets dried

Towels all crunchy almost fried

Trees not moving no wind to stir

But this is the country I love ….AUSTRALIA

16 thoughts on “Yesterday in Melbourne Australia

  1. It is a country I love too, Mumsy. Yet again, there you are with words that melt, well, ahem, not with the heat, although I remember Summers like that only too well… it would be so dry, I could not move, I would literally feel like heatstroke had got to me. I needed to stay cool, but had to walk to Uni or go to Woolies and it was just yuck!!! no matter what, I will return whenever I can, just so I can nurture my Aussie heart.

    • Laughing – one can melt as you know under the Australian sun and yesterday was no exception though today we have a breeze and sun and 20deg C…typically Melbourne. Yes you need to return – come back to your roots – get Aussie-e-nised once more πŸ™‚ xxxxx

  2. Ohh…the words made images come to my head …*smiles* …. it helps when it is so cold here.

    I like the part about how the heat makes you tired and sleepy … that is an imagery that I can feel nod nods.

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