Ode to the children of Connecticut

The children

The little ones

Who won’t be cuddled Christmas Day

the innocent

the life yet lead

so cruelly taken away

The parents and the grief

the children that they lost

I can’t imagine

the pain within their hearts

at what this slaying cost

Hold tight your little ones

even though you can’t hold them

take a moment of your day

to think of the useless mayhem

So sparkling eyes of child now gone

R.I.P and we can only say

how sorry that this happened to you

shame, unbelief, upon this senseless day

Today whilst Christmas shopping. A little girl with Down Syndrome came up to Mr S and I in the aisle.

She tapped us both on the stomach and said “I’m going camping”.

We asked where.

“Near a river” was her reply with a grin that beamed across her face.

We melted.

She will see the river …but those lost in this massacre will never run their hands through the water….


9 thoughts on “Ode to the children of Connecticut

  1. Mumsy, we are reeling. You write such beautiful words. I can’t imagine the pain the parents are in. How, how do you begin to cope with such a loss? I think of my beautiful children. I feel so helpless.

    • Thank you. This is incomprehensible that someone could blatantly take the lives of innocent children.
      Banning of fire-arms is the only answer. It is painful, everyone connected or not will be feeling the pain associated with this criminal and senseless act of violence against young lives. Thoughts are with you – hug your babies – let them feel the water. xxxx

  2. Hi Mumsy! *hugs* on my way back to reality! (City life) I got goosebumps reading this. The sadness those families will be feeling is horrendous! So terribly sad:(:( ……Paula xx

  3. It is tragic. Sadly banning guns is not the answer – someone will only find another way to kill. It is the desire to kill itself which must be changed. In our obsession with money, industry and power we have begun to lose what makes us essentially human. People have been turned into things, units of production, potential workers.
    Life is about love, care, beauty and being a community – but even saying that today will bring scorn from many.
    So we each must do our part. If we love those around us, and remember that this tragedy is not the shape of the world, but a contrast to the kindness in most people’s hearts, then together we can protect what is truly sacred – each other.

    • When I listened to the news telling us that they were his mothers guns..I was shocked. I take in what you say and I wish not to scorn, but if we could take the world back to the 70’s of free love and peace we could possibly once again regain that community you talk about. Alas those days have well and truly subsided. It is a contrast indeed as 99% of us would never consider this type of an act. As far as turning into things – each of us makes our own path. ..do you agree? We can choose, we should know what is right and wrong. If banning of guns is not the answer.. perhaps having the easy accessibility to guns should be looked at? Did this boy who murdered in cold blood have that accessibility..yes he did. Was he a product of a thing – a unit of production? I guess none of us will know what went through his mind when he fired his first shot. Did he come from a home of abuse? Have a poor upbringing? Too many people unfortunately (especially in Australia) have/use excuses for their criminal acts. Our system is poor, we imprison them for a couple of years only to be let out on parole. They inevitably commit again. I shall stop now because this subject is fiery and intense. I am not belittling what you have said – far from it, I wish to that people would show more kindness. However I also believe an eye for an eye and this young boy got what he deserved for his actions. I shall get off my soapbox now.

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