What Irritates Me – Do you care about your physical appearance?

Today Mr S and I were Christmas shopping and it was certainly bad hair day as far as the eye could see.

We had the older man in his black T-shirt and jeans with grey, tangled unwashed hair floating about.

We had the middle-aged man with protruding T-Shirt stomach and plaits down to his belt line.

We had the middle-aged women donning a buzz cut except for the pony-tail sprouting from the top of her head.

We had the let’s do a little bit of red and green colour because it’s Christmas.

What on earth? Did someone declare it National Bogun http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=bogun day in Melbourne and I wasn’t informed?

Or is it a case of “Look at me …look at me – I don’t care what your reaction is as long as you look at me”.

  • Your hair may be unwashed – you couldn’t find 3 minutes to run some shampoo through it  – or would that mean crap I have to shower to?
  • Your hair is a tangled mess – surely somewhere you possess a hairbrush – a comb – how about your hands?
  • Plaits only look good on Heidi – so leave them with her.
  • Your hair is buzzed with a pony-tail – what’s the pony tail for – trying to make the buzz cut look feminine?
  • Your hair has wads of blaring red and green splashed through it – did you perhaps walk under a ladder with paint buckets?

I mean seriously people how about a little bit of personal pride?

Yes you can wear your (sweats) trackies and food stained T-shirt when you’re camping by a river – but would it hurt you to don a little something nice and also see to your hair whilst out in public?

Yes I know a lot may say – each to their own – what harm is it doing.

Call me an old dragon but I beg to differ, there are certainly days when I get out of bed with bed hair – but I brush it, if need be I wash it. I wouldn’t dream of setting foot out the door otherwise.

Granted you can slop around all you like in the privacy of your own home, or up the bush, but would it hurt you terribly to look in the mirror before you leave the house just to make sure you look reasonably presentable?

Or is that I attitude these days of I simply don’t care what anyone else thinks?

Personal appearance and taking pride in yourself should be at least of a little concern should it not?

When we look good – we feel good – maybe they haven’t heard of that?

We have a better attitude, we walk with shoulders back.

These folk today, slouched (and please they weren’t poor underprivileged souls who couldn’t look after themselves) as the majority were laden with large shopping bags filled with Christmas goodies. Perhaps I shall receive comments that they don’t look after themselves so that they can afford presents for their kids and family…no no I don’t believe that is the case. **shakes head vehemently**

No this was purely a case of …..I just don’t care and Pffft yes my followers it irritated me.

Google & http://www.artdoxa.com.           These men can wear plaits.

9 thoughts on “What Irritates Me – Do you care about your physical appearance?

  1. So funny,Mumsy!
    My hair used to way down my back but when I had the breakdown, 2 years ago, I had it all cut off! At first it felt really liberating, then reality set in and I was horrified! *laughing* It’s at my shoulders now and I have a tendency to plait it to go to bed, I think out of habit!
    Even though I wear very little makeup these days, I still like to look tidy going out! In fact, Melbourne people always seem to be dressed nice, except this last time I was there! For whatever reason the city folk looked very average! For Melbourne this was a surprise, so I see where your coming from! Hugs and big night night cuddle!!! …..Paula xxx

  2. Following your advice I sent my wardrobe to the laundry, had a hair-cut, manicure and facial. I showered and shaved, got my best clean clothes back and dressed immaculately. I went into town among the christmas shoppers and I did indeed feel chipper. And do you know, it really makes a difference, I got nothing but smiles and kind hellos, even when I crapped in the public fountain! Clothes maketh the man it seems 🙂

    • In our corners it seems lol

      I see where you are your going with this reply – you can’t fool me 😉

      Hmm I didn’t say that clothes maketh the man – one could dress in finery with polished shoes and ironed unstained shirts and hell even have their hair washed and brushed and still be a rat-bag underneath it all – I get that …**nodding vehemently**

      All I’m sayin’ is have some PP (not as in pee pee) in public. Not too much to ask…surely not?? 🙂

  3. Hmmm, Mumsy, I often wonder what makes the human mind decide to not care how they look when they go out in public. I tend to think they owe it to us, the rest of the public, to comb their hair, and not wear food stained t- shirts, also to shower. If getting a hair cut is not possible, then at the very least to keep it clean, unless you’ve been terribly ill and you are on the way to the hospital but you stopped by Starbucks to get a cup of coffee 🙂 I see many of those too. I create stories about these people and wonder what is going on in their lives.
    I have to dress well, I mean I really have to, but if i am cold and want to go extremely casual( yoga wear- after showering – it is the most worn look among Californian mums) I do not get out of my car, I drive through the pick up line at school and come back home, where no one can see me 🙂
    Love this post, we really do think alike…

    • You made me laugh about popping into Starbucks on the way to the Hospital! 🙂
      So you create stories hmm.. start posting them girl 🙂
      Thank you for enjoying and I am glad that there are those (not mentioning anyone in particular looks up… then runs) who likes to have a different opinion too.

      I do enjoy having a bit of a conversation about what I write – good or bad. Makes for an interesting read 🙂

      I am sure when I venture out today there will be those that are dressed well and have P.P ..I just will follow them around to make sure they steer away from fountains 🙂 xxx

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