What can I say but




   Juz Sayin’

 Thank you…thank you…thank you

          & NO (though I may act it at times) that is NOT my age!

   Bless all your cotton sock’s for hitting that follow button

                     I am honoured and chuffed

                            that you appreciate my writing




My 100th Follower was http://biggirlspants.wordpress.com

I mention her because it seems she has only just begun her journey in the WordPress Blogging World, I mention her for another reason, her Theme for her site.

She has made entries for Day 1 and Day 2. I am sure she won’t mind me re-posting her Day 1 Journey, for she is trying to battle her own demons and become a healthier, fitter her. Please give her encourage and support.

Blabbing on a Blog is easy trying to make a difference within yourself or to others is the hard part.

ok people

this is a quick post..its evening here on the mountain, I have been in the mind set all day about changing my eating habits and inserting some sort of exercise into my layed back lifestyle……..so here is a diary of sorts to help me on my journey and inspire anyone else too along the way……

………as a yo yo dieter all my life this will be another attempt to lose weight, but maybe this time I will tone down and change my mindset.

It is all in the mind as they say and somehow I have to find that trigger and get on a healthy path……………….here we go!!!!!!!!!!!

16 thoughts on “What can I say but

  1. I was on a yo-yo diet for a while, but they’re hard to swallow. Although the string is good for anal flossing!
    Then I went on a yo-yo diet. I went round everywhere saying ‘Yo, blood, yo, man, how’zit’hangin” and angered people until they knocked my teeth out. Lost pounds!

  2. I seriously need to lose some weight too. I got on the scale and ew and I looked at a pic of me and wow my thighs really spread out there. I’m not that heavy – but at least 20 pounds would be awesome. Also, the exercise is better for anxiety – instead of running in my head I can move my body. I hope. Trying to find support to keep me motivated.

    • Start a post – and I and others will give you all the encouragement you need to continue – I’m serious stop laughing! I follow biggirlspants and try to encourage her quest for a healthier lifestyle. This is what this little community is all about, not just writing but support. 😉

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