2230 – Gadgets for my dream home

I thank once again Mr. P http://ruleofstupid.wordpress.com  for this inspiration.

For those that are sick of seeing my posts – I was described by http://thesenseofajourney.com the beautiful Gabriela in her last post as a prolific writer (She kindly dedicated some very kinds words about me and others). So I shan’t make apologies for writing so many, for this is me – ramblingsfromamum, mumsy or rambly…whatever you wish to call me (as long as it is nice) this is what you can expect of me.

No doubt some of these already exist – these were off the top of my head.

  • A super oven – it’s cooked and basted to perfection within 5 minutes.
  • A robot vacuum cleaner.
  • A self-cleaning toilet, shower & bath.
  • A device to self weed the garden and another to mow the lawns.
  • A cupboard – hang an un-ironed shirt in – 2 minutes later it’s pressed.
  • A dishwasher that packs and un-packs itself.
  • No more battery required devices.
  • A stove that automatically turns itself off once the meal is cooked.
  • A shopping trolley that actually goes where you want it to (ok not for home but I had to include this).
  • A device with the flick of a switch the song that you keep singing in your head is played in the room you are in.
  • A  human tele porter system so you don’t have to find the car keys, open the garage, drive the car, park the car to do the shopping.
  • A personal force field which you can set off if faced with any unsuspecting danger (people or spiders).
  • A hat that I would wear for 5 minutes that would allow me to remember everything from the previous day (week/month/year?)

Really – a wand – that’s all I need a magical wand from Harry Potter where I could wave and make everything happen.

From dusting to hanging up the washing.

Where I can waft it over cupboards and all those pesky plastic containers are neatly packed.

A wand that would assemble the Christmas tree in all it’s glory baubles and all and then dismantle itself.

A wand that did all the mundane chores would simply be the only instrument I would need.

So that kindly folk is my list. I am sure there are so many others – but my brain is tired.

credit wikia & Google

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