Very Inspiring Blogger Award from Tatu

Very inspiring Blogger Award

Tatu who writes from  is a down to earth mother living in Greece with 2 adorable children. She writes of her battles, her joys of raising a young family. She is very similar to me in her thoughts and I enjoy her posts immensely, she is also inspired from

‘T’ as we call her has very kindly nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I am extremely grateful for the Awards that people bestow upon me, however I am not one to have a side bar full of them and in return for their kindness, I believe in reposting the people that she had nominated. In that way people who watch “ramblings” may want to visit them. I am grateful that T has nominated me amongst these other recipients and I hope that by me doing this, that is an indication of my gratitude for the Award.  Thank you T.

Please visit these people if you have the chance.



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