Brumbies who feel the storm – Poetry

Gossamer circles hang on limb

broken only by the gust of wind

stirred from skies and plunges deep

skies of black and restless sleep

Brumbies stir and gallop up hills

steep their climb strong of will

light from stars bathe the ground

grass is black for miles around

Lightning breaks the darkness still

zig zagged lights across the hill

thunder rumbles high in these skies

brumbies pack warning danger is nigh

Leader heads them up the hills

others follow at their will

strong of legs they carry on

out of the darkness from the storm

Strength of legs and hooves on earth

in this land that gave them birth

frightened with ears back they forge

over rocks and over gorge

Elements faced in open land

together they run no time to stand

thunder roars its frightening noise

brumbies tense calmness destroyed

Shelter as the lighting cracks

rain falls they group in their plight

herd of brumbies with stallion black

black as this night as they take flight

Storm it passes and all is still

brumbies rest shake off the chill

regroup they stand with nostrils flared

none of them harmed each one was spared

Credit 123rf

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