Famous Dinner Guests – What Question would I ask each of them?

Ahh ruleofstupid has requested that I answer the following:-

What question would I ask each of my dinner guests.

This is going back to my previous post of having a dinner party and who would I invite (the tongue in cheek) funny one not the serious one… hmm ok here then https://ramblingsfromamum.wordpress.com/2012/12/20/challenge-2-from-i-need-help  so if you haven’t been following (pardon the pun) you simply need to get a wriggle on and catch up.

1st guest – Dalai Lama – “So your Holiness, trip over your robes much?”

2nd guest – The White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland – “Seriously dude, ever think of buying a wrist watch?”

3rd guest – Elvis – “You can tell me, how many times did Priscilla have to sew those pants?”

4th guest – Bette Davis – “So Betts, kept your hyperthyroidism under wraps for quite some time, didn’t you?”

5th guest – Jerry Lewis – “You can tell me, Dean didn’t really like ‘the drink’ did he?”

6th guest – HRH (Queen) – “If Di was able to come back, would you apologise?”

7th guest – Albert Einstein – “So ..what exactly is the equivalence of matter and energy, E = mc2 (and by implication, the ability of gravity to “bend” light), the existence of “rest energy”, and the basis of nuclear energy….really mean?”

8th guest – Sherlock Holmes – “How much do you have to pay for your Coke?”

9th guest – Julias Caesar – “Your kids, who were they again, there was Caesarion, Augustus, Tercia, Bigusdickus?

10th guest – Marilyn Monroe – “You glad now you put your knickers on when you stood over the subway grate?”

11th guest – Santa – “Have you thought about losing weight, those chimneys aren’t getting smaller you know?”

12th guest – Robert Burns (Scottish Poet) – “How pissed are you that your Can Ye Labour Lea tune was set to Auld Lang Syne?

13th guest – Pope Benedict XVI – “Bet you’re laughing all the way to the Vatican with your Twitters beating that Bieber fella?”

14th guest – Michelangelo – “Are you wishing you had invented the Cherry Picker now?”

and that folks is all





2 thoughts on “Famous Dinner Guests – What Question would I ask each of them?

  1. Lol Mumsy! I like too many to pick a favourite. 🙂 Seriously a night with you and we would be in hysterics! You have such a wonderful sense of humour. 🙂 My computer must be set for American spelling? It’ always wants me to take the u out! So, I’m ignoring it from now on and I hope the Americans can forgive me!
    Here’s a post! Why do all English speaking countries, spell their words differently?
    Night Mumsy. 😀 I’m hoping to check some posts tomorrow and that’s it for 2 weeks. Real life can be such a drag! 😀 God damned responsibilities….. Paula xxxxxxxx

  2. Oh my gosh( in fits of laughter) that is hilarious. I love the question you’d ask the Queen, Sherlock Holmes and Julius Caesar. Haaaa haaa… crazy mumsy. I just love your humor. How about a glass of wine?

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