Making a List and Checking it Twice & the list includes C4C


3.6kg Pork Shoulder for cooking in BBQ – Check,  5kg Turkey for the Oven – Check,  4kg Ham – cold – Check

Milk, butter, cranberry sauce, flour, basil, parsley, pancetta, bread, onions, cream, eggs, nutmeg, potatoes, pumpkin, peas, chicken stock, pine nuts, bread.


2 bottles strawberry champagne, 2 bottles white, 4 bottles red, 3 bottles spirits – 1 for egg nog. Lemonade, flavoured mineral water, fruit juices.


New white tablecloths x 2, new red cloth napkins x 12, chocolates as centre piece in middle of napkin (as I had to fold them into a flower – which may I say took forever!). Set of new wine glasses, set of new glass tumblers, glasses to put Christmas decorations in for table, candles red, green and white. New jug for egg nog.

I am sure there will be something I have forgotten. How many lists have you made, how many times have you checked them and how many times have you forgotten things?

The tables have already been set here – 1 job done, the meats are in the fridge, the bags of ice for the drinks in the freezer, the ice-cube trays filled in the freezer. Tomorrow we vacuum the floors and wash the floors, we clean the toilet (probably not for the last time). We move some furniture for easier access for our elderly parents. We wash the front step, we clean out on the deck (just in case someone wants to go outside). We have dusted the wooden venetians inside, we have trimmed the ferns, mowed the lawn, did the weeding, empty bins (recycled and rubbish).

We have cleaned showers and vanity basins. Tomorrow I make the egg-nog, tomorrow I make the stuffing for the turkey. Tomorrow I go through every on the lists and make sure that I have everything….

It’s relaxation leading up to Christmas Day isn’t it??

On a more Serious Note:

To close,  I had reposted previously from ruleofstupid  – in case any of you have not seen this please read the below and see if you can help, you would have to let Mr. Panda know straight away if you can volunteer any of your time on Christmas Day for this worthy cause.

C4C is an idea from a blogger (ruleofstupid). RoS used to work with people separated from families, and they always struggled most around Christmas time. Being alone is much harder when all the seasonal TV and media push the image of happy families and picture postcard lives, however unrealistic a lot of it may be. People often feel like everyone is happy and together, so who wants to hear someone being unhappy?! It can be hard to reach out. So RoS started this Blog, to see if maybe some fellow bloggers would be there to talk to around Christmas for others who are separated from loved ones.

So yes, even though I have all the trimmings and the food and the creature comforts,and privileged to have my family around me on Christmas Day, others are not so privileged.

Some people do not have ones that love them or indeed care for them. Some will sit in a lonely place and hope for someone, anyone to hear their small cry for help, for some attention and for some much needed Christmas love.

Perhaps they are widow’s or widowers, or from a family torn apart, for whatever the reason being lonely is terrible enough, but being lonely at Christmas is heart breaking.

We all will be busy and run off our feet on Christmas Day, but perhaps you can devote a little time to this cause?

I will be.

Remember whilst you are having this….

Credit pic -

Others are having this…

“The psychological impact of having nobody to talk to or express concern about you is bad enough. But what has also had a profound impact on us is the medical research which shows loneliness has a major impact on physical health too. Credit Pic

Thank you


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12 thoughts on “Making a List and Checking it Twice & the list includes C4C

    • T my part is prepared – the others bring the entree and the desserts – Mr. S has been such a help!
      Yes we are very fortunate to sit down with friends and family and enjoy good food and company …and we all need to be so very grateful for being able to do that and spare a thought or help if we can to those that aren’t so fortunate. Thank you 🙂 xxxx J

  1. This is so sad but true. My heart breaks for those who feel lonely at a time when we are all boasting of how full our hearts are. Thanks for the gentle reminder to reach out and be kinder than necessary. What’s that saying… kinder than necessary to everyone you meet; you don’t know what battle they may be fighting? Something like that. Christmas blessings to you and yours. Hugs.

    • Thank you Beck I wish you a beautiful Christmas also to you and yours. You are welcome – in light of what RoS is doing the need, I thought another prompt to anyone who can help share and volunteer some time for his cause/project is needed.
      We shall give a thought whilst we tuck into our food and have a drink and laugh with those we love ..that there are some in this world through no fault of their own will be alone.
      *hugs back*
      J xx

  2. You are just a lovely Mumsy. Thank you for reminding us to be a little mindful while preparing our feasts. I remind my kids about being kind, daily. Not many are having what they call a fantastic Christmas. How many people are away from their loved ones, for whatever reason and how many children don’t have presents or the blessing of a happy family. I know here in San Francisco, soup kitchens are seeing a huge increase in visitors. I see many more braving the rain and cold, to stand outside, near traffic lights, hoping for some money.

    My mum being alone many miles away from us breaks my heart. She has her sisters around her but not her children and I wish she was here with us. Thank goodness for Skype.

    Your check list is spot on. I wish you a wonderful, blessed holiday with all your loved ones. Sending you many hugs

    • Thank you honey, I know how you are missing your mum 😦 Technology as painful as it can be at times at least provides us with keeping in contact with our loved ones. I hope that you and your family have a beautiful day, I hope you shed a couple of tears of joy when skyping with ya’ mum. May 2013 be special and wonderful, safe and happy. *hugs a plenty* back. xxooxx

  3. This reminds me that I have to write a post on this. Thanks. But OH NO the poor little old man! Please say the camera person like sat down and talked to him. That breaks my heart. We had elderly people in the public library when I worked there and that was my favorite part. We knew we were some of the few people they might get to talk to daily, so we always talked with them. They liked me. One guy brought me a chocolate cake – twice. Awesome. I didn’t get to do much on the CFC, but maybe next time. Still a great idea.

    • Thanks sweet-pea I look forward to reading it. Next year and I hope it will be I am going to try and do some volunteer work – reading to the elderly or blind. C4C made me think of a lot of things…. I know that pic broke my heart when I saw it 😦

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