My Christmas & Boxing Day

Well it’s done, complete, finished,  adios to yet another Christmas.

Christmas Day left as quickly as it arrived.

Everyone wished everyone a joyful, wonderful Christmas and it was all warm and fuzzy and heart felt.

No one said “Have a stress free day – hope it goes well.”

The stress (yes I stress) and what about you may ask?

You didn’t?

Well, I shall tell you anyway, my family are use to me stressing, in fact I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t…hell it wouldn’t be Christmas if I didn’t.

It can over something as menial as burning the potatoes  (which I did) or burning the extra stuffing (which I did) or putting way too much alcohol in the egg-nog (which I did) that you couldn’t take a sip near a naked flame.

Then of course due to the above mentioned yours truly had a mini (ok a large) hissy fit in the kitchen…where I spewed forth many naughty words – perhaps I had sampled too much of the nog before the family arrived?

“It will be ok mum, you have so much food, we can just cut the burnt bits off” said daughter # 1

“It’s not the *bleep* point – I wanted everything to be perfect and I stuffed it up”, I hissed back.

Enter martyr Jen..

“I worked all yesterday and this morning so it all WOULD be right and now look at it”.

“It’s fine, relax”, rolled eyes from daughter #2.

Another family member started to intrude my space walk into the kitchen.

“U-Turn – U-Turn – Enter at own risk”, daughter # 1 said.

Ugh there was more than enough food, as usual I over catered and we still have probably 5 kg of meat in the fridge, copious left over salads, pumpkin, half cut spuds, pudding, trifle…the list goes on and on.

We have so many drinks left we could open our own bottle shop.

We have jars of lollies (yes I keep going and eating them) and bags of nuts.

We (ok I) so want everything to run like clock work for the timing of the meats to be just right (turkey in the BBQ) pork in the oven and the ham to be thinly sliced.

The table was set perfectly (because I fussed for over an hour folding the bloody linen napkins) there were candles of pine and strawberry burning (I know strawberry isn’t Christmassy but that’s all they had left).

Decorations hung (tinsel and knitted stockings and rather ghastly Santa hats) and Carols and Michael Bubbles singing his Christmas ditties.

The entrée was magnificent (compliments of sister-in-law) and the sweets equally so (compliments of daughter #1 and Mr. S’s mum).

We ate…and ate..and ate some more till my stomach was so distended I couldn’t breathe.  Why do we do this? We (I) don’t feel the need to gorge myself at other times of the year (ok maybe a couple). Christmas Day brings out the inner Alien wanting to be fed..give me more dammit…I want more!

My darling dad sat on the couch and started to nod off a couple of times (yes he sampled some nog) and everyone chatted and moaned about how full they were.

The family then departed by about 6pm – into the T shirt and track pants – ah I can breathe once more.

The kitchen was declared a disaster area but Mr. S was the Knight in Shining Armour and came to the rescue, washing the pots and pans, packing the dishwasher, putting the empty bottles out, collecting up the mess.

I then went on the computer to help for C4C but I think I mucked it up badly as I was so tired I had no idea what I was doing :-(.

Today Boxing Day over to Mr. S’s family for yes you guessed it more food! Surely this stomach cannot hold anymore (or had it stretched from yesterday) ..yes apparently it had and so I did.

Now I sit writing (ok typing) with the thought of all that food in the fridge… shall I go near it? No not I… not for at least an hour or two anyway. Nope it’s back to the diet (if I can stay away from the lolly jars) and step up the exercise regime…thank God (can I say that) that this only happens once a year!


So do tell me about your Christmas Day – did you eat too much or throw a hissy fit?


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20 thoughts on “My Christmas & Boxing Day

  1. My darling M and I shared Christmas & Christmas Eve with a good friend – we split all the chores and cooking – so no hissy fits but tons of leftovers! There’s nothing better than Boxing Day, though, relaxing with a turkey sandwich and my feet up!

    Sorry to hear that you were stressed 😦 Hope that Boxing Day is better!

    • LOL I got over the hissy reasonably quickly and yes Boxing Day though eating way too much again was a more relaxed 🙂 I don’t think I can look another piece of turkey in the eye 🙂
      Good to see you were hissy free 🙂

  2. Well, the family and I went to a really close friend (like a sister to me) for Xmas dinner. We did a potluck and I made lasagna (not Christmassy) and my mother did steak (gotta love it). We were an hour late and the kids were restless. My two year old refused to talk to ANYONE (not new) and so stuck to my leg like glue until maybe a half hour before it was time to leave. All in all, it was a great time!

    • Hello and welcome – thanks for your comment. Lasagne is popular and a must for Italian I believe as part of the Christmas fare? Steak you say hmm that’s a new one on me for Christmas lol. Love the 2 yr old clinging to your leg! I am going to have sticky beak around your site now 🙂 x

  3. I had no hissy fits this year (though in years past…). I definitely over ate, and have quite a bit of left overs myself. I just wish the left overs had included more of the food and less of the junk. I have so many candies, cookies and pie left that I don’t know what to do with it. I’m thinking of having the kids back over this weekend to get rid of some of it. Here’s to hoping that your stress levels will be lower over the next few weeks. 🙂

    • Good to see no hissy fits 🙂 I know the amount is crazy – I’m taking half a turkey to my parents place, that way they will have food for a few days, yes invite the kids over to help polish it off! Good thinking 99 😉

  4. Ah yes, the hissy fit is a staple on my Christmas Day because it’s generally the day I have to cook for cooks, you know real cooks who make things from scratch. And my mother in law ALWAYS turns up two hours early just at that time when the cooking creativity is reaching a crescendo. Maybe I’ll post a do and don’t do list for next Christmas.

    And I disagree, you didn’t mess up at C4C – you were great. We were one of the first group of volunteers and so we were the pioneers. It’s the toughtest gig in the world, being the guinea pig.

    • oops I kinda am one of those real cooks (apart from the stock I cheated no chicken bones simmering for 2 hours with onion and carrot and celery – nope straight from the pack) but I KNOW what you mean 😦 A do and don’t is needed!

      Thank you hun as were you – you at least had an idea of what we were meant to do…scurries away to her pen 😉 x

  5. I was slightly harried Mumsy, and came v. close to a minor fit, it was averted after I breathed deeply and counted to ten. I was still cleaning up 15 mins before my guests were due to arrive, my lovely husband, cleaned up after I went to take a shower and I immediately instructed him to shower while he was in the middle of sweeping and vacuuming. All in all, a good evening. Good friends, many laughs and good food- or so I hope. I do everything from scratch too… Why I ask, why no short cuts? I just cannot do it.
    I recovered all day, today, by going to see Les Miserables. Great Cast, hmm, although I didn’t like Russell Crowe’s singing. Had lots of lollies too 🙂
    Hugs coming your way…

    • Oh hun 😦 sorry – it’s only when we actually sit down to eat that our stresses of the day are alleviated (somewhat). I am glad that you enjoyed it in the end. We shall see that soon(Le Mis), we saw The Hobbit (Part 1) today quite enjoyed it and yes I am thinking exactly the same about Russell’s singing – his band wasn’t any good so me thinks this performance won’t be much – but I love Ann Hathaway. Yay Lollies!!! **Hugs** back to you xxoo

      • I took my daughter with me to see the Hobbit mumsy, and It was just the best experience for her. She just finished the book. Am glad I didn’t see it in 3D though, people had complained about motion sickness 🙂
        Oooh Les Mis was just fantastic. I love Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway together, the young man who plays Marius is also fantastic. Mmmm, Russell has a rocker’s voice, so it wasn’t very good. Can’t wait to hear what you think.
        Many Hugs

  6. I love the way you spell. Anyhoo, (speaking of spelling) I stress about practically everything, but luckily I do not make meals for other people. That would be dreadful. For everyone. You sound a lot like my boss. We prepare this fancy room for events (yeah we’re supposed to be librarians, but whatevs) and everything has to be perfect. I’m a bit more “good enough for government work” on that kind of stuff. She has to make sure the tablecloth is just right or she’ll go bezerk. It’s funny.

    What does Boxing Day celebrate (dopey American questions.) I’m guessing it’s not actually boxing. Anyway, I join you in thanking all that is holy that the damn holidays are OVER.

    • WELCOME Alice 🙂 Crap did I sound that controlling ?? Hangs my head in shame (but giggles) Boxing Day which I learnt from is about those that had too many gifts would box them up and give to charity- I think off memory (if you don’t follow her she’s really cool) gawd did I just say ‘cool’ um sick.. wicked…ok I’m old lol
      Yes 3 cheers for the over part..hell there is New Year to come 😦

      • That is a great idea – box up stuff and give to charity. I could give half my house. It’d all find its way back in again, though. UGH.

        At least I get New Year’s Day off. Yay.

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