My choice

If I could not speak how would I express
      I love you thank you or please
I’m sorry forgive me unless
      I write
If I could not speak my voice had been removed
     how would you know my thoughts
read my lips or watch them move
      I can write
If I could not speak my words could not be spoken
      the barrier would still exist
but conversation never broken
      I would write
If I could not speak my skill to shape sounds through voice
      should ever disappear
and I was afforded a single choice
      I shall write

ramblingsfromamum 29.12.2012

190th post

8 thoughts on “My choice

  1. Good use of repetition – i’d lose the last “please…” line, it’s already said in the poem.
    I’d like to see you experiment with layout more. It doesn’t have to be centred – and as Kellog mentioned earlier, it can make a big difference 🙂

  2. Love it Mumsy, you have such a knack. I love poetry, but it isn’t something I am good at. I so admire your ability to put such lovely thoughts together and make it flow so beautifully. I think it’s all about learning, poetry comes in various forms and rhythms. I enjoy all of yours, you really have to continue writing. Never ever give it up.
    Many, many hugs

    • Hello gorgeous lady. Thank you. Yes as I am learning though that I am developing a different perspective on writing and how to use my words more effectively – believe me I just thought a poem had to rhyme! Stupid me! 🙂 I’m just about to post another..I was lying in the sun but couldn’t get this out of my fear of me ever giving it up 🙂 Lots of hugs back to you sweet. xx

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