3 nuts and a Squirrel Challenge Prompt

I was  chatting on Susan Daniels Poetry site when she kindly invited me to take part in a Three Nuts and a Squirrel challenge that Whimsy Mimsy started and I joined in on aprayerlikegravity site.

Confused yet? The below should explain, if you are interested in taking a peek.

Basically the challenge was : – So our little joke has become a pass along challenge prompt – entitled “Three nuts and a squirrel”. Johnny has provided the next one – here –http://aprayerlikegravity.wordpress.com/2012/12/22/she-made-me-do-it-poem-promptchallenge/ – with the words truck, safe (the object), and crust. Theme: Romantic or sensuous. :) So the idea: Make a poem on the stated theme (the Squirrel) and include the three words (I think nouns work best) or ideas based on them (the Nuts). 

Now I’m not that savvy about ping-backs, link to’s and the like so forgive me if I have stuffed -up!

Please post the results or links to them, in the comments below.

I now put out the challenge (heaven help me)

Three words. One theme.  Limitless possibilities….

My 3 words are –





Whoever wants to be first as I’m still brainstorming (not that there is much to storm)








33 thoughts on “3 nuts and a Squirrel Challenge Prompt

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  2. patchwork quilt beneath
    stretched out across the grass
    just beyond mud
    along the banks of an almost river

    spine bent
    the book lay forgotten
    as your lips traveled
    up mine

    then tasting
    the salty nape of my neck
    beneath the ringlets
    heat left there


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  8. Here you go:

    Sutra (for three nuts and a squirrel)
    I read a book once
    and I will write around its name
    and call is simply
    The ways to make love
    and they are listed:

    how to kiss
    every part of the body
    feed the self
    on the river traced
    by the tip of a tongue
    and then two tongue tips
    tasting, tangling, twining
    to relish

    the salt of each other

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  12. Here’s mine…a little shorter this time…perhaps a bit less smutty…
    You have opened yourself like a book,

    taken that look and given it back

    in folds of soft loving,

    given me the shivered salt

    of your throat

    while the river

    comes and goes,


    and goes

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