Bequested love

Dance with me
and set
fine step with
and cornets

Let me introduce you
to court my lady
my lady
dressed in
fashioned finery

stockings white
whirl to music
this night

whitened skin
beauty fair
reddened cheeks
and auburn hair

my lady I shall
forsake my life
for yours
I shall betake
to ends of earth
declare my love
forgo the whores

grant me
company with
your honesty
for I do not
look upon you

utmost charm
you spellbind
elegant eyes
that haunt me
I pray you are

hold you hand
in mine
dance lightly
look into my eyes
can I convince
this is no guise

beauty and grace
modestly majestic
no finer lady
dressed in lace

smile for me my lady
lower eyelids
let me raise your hand
look not upon me

crowded jewels
upon your dress
impassioned is
my love

let me confess
to you my love
I’ve sworn
this night of nights
I am reborn


ramblingsfromamum 1.1.2013

Post 200

6 thoughts on “Bequested love

    • The tears are still there..
      I don’t know – yesterday I just kept thinking of the series Tudor and this is what happened.
      I hope I don’t smug by saying that – it just.. happens, no rhyme or reason and large hugs to you for saying what you do. xx

      • Oh my gosh, I love the Tudors. I watched the entire series and still cannot get enough of it. It means you are creative and ideas come to you based on many things, it’s truly your passion mumsy.

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