Running to love

Soft smile
I saw you
down the road
hands in pockets
belted jeans

to surround you
to hold you
to stare at you
once more
I walked towards

the smile you returned
your eyes twinkling blue
the dimple on your chin
it is you
it is you

I ran towards the love
I knew to utter simple
words of missed you

The emptiness I had
held inside no longer
did I have to hide

The yearning to clear
a saddened heart
to wrap my arms around
your arms

where did you go
where did you go

To feel your hand
upon my cheek
your fingers
outline my jaw

your eyes of blue
that smiled at me
how could you
let me go

I ran my feet
not touching ground
to be in your embrace
to share the dreams

we left behind
a love I knew
couldn’t be replaced

I’ve cried so many tears
waiting for you
I ran chased by the devil
into your chest

your arms
your heart

Your breath upon my lips
our eyes closed
our fingers trace
our cheeks

but you fade
I ran right through you
the cloud has reappeared
I stop, look back
you aren’t here
this is what I feared

I buried you
2 years ago
I buried you

where did you go
where did you go

15 thoughts on “Running to love

    • MM how kind you are – I am totally taken back by the comments I am receive and a little teary. I will write till I can’t draw breath… oh no it sounds like I need to do something with that line now πŸ™‚

      • You keep writing and I’ll keep reading, maybe not all at once:-) if only I could – but I will, and the support is always here for you. We have to keep encouraging each other and ourselves to write, write and write.

  1. MM and Susan Bless you cotton soxes – yes I know there isn’t such a word I am using my poetic licence πŸ™‚ yes MM encouraging each other is what this is all about for if we didn’t appreciate or comment or read each others works, we may as well sit alone and write in a journal out of public eye. Thank you for saying you will continue to read & don’t worry I write prolifically though I shall be slowing down as from next week – so you won’t have so much catching up to do! πŸ™‚ xx
    Sus thank you πŸ™‚ xx

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