Forever dog not an ‘until’ dog


To give hope to a friendly face

that can’t speak words as we

to nurture, love unconditionally

remember our forever dogs

not the just …’until’



ramblingsfromamum  2.1.2013



13 thoughts on “Forever dog not an ‘until’ dog

  1. Aye … dogs … pets in general … should not be throw aways. We take them in and make them part of our families…tis our obligation to care for them always. Always.

    • Hello dear lady *nods* yes to the part of our family *shakes* to being throw aways. Owners to be should be vetted more carefully and pets only purchased from reputable breeders to stop the trade of puppy factories… and don’t get me started about those neanderthals that set up dog fights! Put them into a cage let them fight to their death.

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