Lovers Lament


descending in blue waters
that will calm your inner soul
dance a water waltz with me
connecting hands in water flow

rise up take one more gulp of air
clasp our fingers tight
draw one singular breath with me
as we kiss the world goodnight

you do not have to fear my love
it shall happen very soon
water wrapped around our love
take your last glimpse of moon

quietly air deserts our lungs
don’t fight or struggle more
bubbles rise to surface
that cannot be restored

we will not suffer pain my love
everlasting sleep will happen soon
clasp your fingers into mine
take your last glimpse of moon

ramblingsfromamum Β  2.1.2013

9 thoughts on “Lovers Lament

  1. Woah….woah…I thought it was going to be a love poem…and then I thought it was about murder…and then I thought it was a love poem again…and then…woah…
    Really Rambles—you do not give yourself Nearly enough credit.
    This Beyond-Rocks!

    • I am once again taken back with your comment JC I found the music which inspired the words. I love “beyond rocks” – ut oh – sounds like another one coming on! arrghh words cease and desist! Thank you SO much JC. x πŸ™‚

    • Hi Beck – thank you sweet-pea – I am so in poetry mode, just finished another one 2 minutes ago and said back away from this computer go out and enjoy the sun… yes with note-pad and pen to write… hopeless! πŸ™‚

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