OK  a touch of ramblings back – the verbaliser the one that makes you want to take a tranquilizer – I have been in poetic mode of late ok quite some time, so I thought I would give my wee brain a rest from that side of me for a few minutes.

What on earth did we do without

  • LOL ( Pronounced lol – yep you heard it hear 1st folks) = laugh out loud/laugh on line/laugh anywhere you want really as long as it ends in L.
  • ROFLMAO (Pronounced rofal-mayo) = roll on floor laughing my ass off – though reallyhard to do at the same time
  • ROFLMAOWPIMP (Pronounced rofal-mayo-wa-pimp)= rolling on floor laughing my ass off while peeing in my pants – again why would you or is it because it’s so damn hard to announce?
  • ROFLUTS (Pronouced ro-fluts) = rolling on the floor unable to speak – serious problems, maybe he can’t speak because he’s so embarrassed about wetting his pants?
  • RTSM (Pronounced ret-sem) = read the stupid manual – don’t have to take that tone with me acronym!

Of course they are only my interpretations of how they are pronounced.

There are many more to choose from,  we abbreviate our lives whilst on the phone and on emails.

Common place – easier – lazier – or with phones are we just trying to keep that 1 message spilling into 2 and save 50 cents?

Don’t me started on the smiley faces either 🙂    😉   😀   :-0  (Please don’t inundate me with all the ones I missed out – I have them on my emails if I need them 🙂    <<<< See I did one.

Yes I use them because unless I actually write the word how else am I going to portray my lovey dove-i-ness to everyone?

There weren’t computers when I was a teen, or mobile phones, so we didn’t have the pleasure of the above not even the STFU… sadly, as I could have used that one a great deal.




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