The Death Of Molly

She lies under small mound
of earth

Molly Miller be her name
the constabulary thought
they had the butcher
but they could’ne make the claim

aye she had been murdered
cut down and in her prime
her killer thought a lad up north
but not indicted for the crime

he was a strange one aye they say
looked upon her too agreeably
not gentleman like or to admire
but steely and unpleasantly

no family she has to visit her
she be laid there all alone
under dirt with worms in her insides
aye dirt and granite stone

her throat was sliced they say

so Molly she be resting,
no cross to bear her name
no flowers will have a chance
to wilt upon her shallow grave

the miller lad is now long gone
her life we could ‘ne save




























ramblingsfromamum 3.1.2013


12 thoughts on “The Death Of Molly

    • Soweee 😦 I know I think the calm left me and I’m in the eye of the storm! Ok NOW outside I go with notepad and pen in hand…so watch out Beck prepare to have your in-box inundated! 😉 x oops and Thank-you.

  1. Another big wow from me Mums–this is beautiful. Could I play with the line-phrasing? Because without changing a thing I’m pretty sure this is in classic ballad rhythm already. Don’t mean to be too bold but…I’d love to see what it looks like formatted a little differently…
    Love it!

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