When do you get the warm & fuzzies?

I flittered from Title to the Text
I decided on text and write the title afterwards.
What makes you warm and fuzzy?

My warm and fuzzy moments come from so many things.. I’m sharing just a few

  • hearing my daughters laugh
  • my daughters giving me a hug
  • holding onto Mr. S
  • writing
  • reading comments on my writing
  • listening to Andrea Bocceli – or any music
  • hearing a new borns cry
  • watching a child take their first steps
  • watching a foal take theirs
  • orangutang infants
  • puppies and grown puppies
  • wishing balloons on a Thailand night
  • eating something delicious..strawberries – lobster
  • drinking something delicious – a Mai Tai – chocolate milk
  • giving my arm to my parents when they walk

I guess this list (in my mind) is endless as it would be for each and every one of you.

Tell me if you wish what makes you warm and fuzzy?

Even if it’s one.

20 thoughts on “When do you get the warm & fuzzies?

  1. I love strawberries too! (no surprise there)
    The list is indeed endless but I’ ll mention just a few: a swim on a hot day, cuddling with my kids, burger and fries, a jamie oliver cookbook, an open air movie and a lot, lot more! love, T

  2. My children laughing would definitely be a warm fuzzy, watching my husband with the kids would be another, penguins (I couldn’t tell you why, penguins just make me smile), seeing the bald eagles back in the area, kittens and cats, chocolate cake … you’re right this list could be endless!

  3. Hello, darling Mumsy! I return for 3 days.:) Boy,am i tired!
    Cup-cakes make me warm and fuzzy. My sons telling me they love me! and my babies..Sakura ,Margie and teco! xxxxxx

  4. hmmm….rainy night and fire going/huge arm chair with good book/watching re-runs of childhood shows/cuddling in bed/hearing my childrens laughter/hugging my grandkids/seeing my vegys grow/hot bath and candles/fresh mown grass/helping people/fresh cotton sheets πŸ™‚

  5. a child’s smile
    seeing hope in a patients eyes for the first time
    omg.. puppies. πŸ™‚
    a new Harry Potter book…
    summer on the lake.. where is summer?
    and a bazillion other things. πŸ™‚

  6. Oh Mumsy, definitely watching my girls laugh, and cuddling with them in bed. 2.My husband and I watching our Friday night movies together, my feet on him or just laughing because our daughters have done something hilarious. 3. Um, a good book that I can’t put down, where the characters stay with me forever. 4. Dogs, puppies and lambs. 5. A crackling fireplace and a Colin Firth film. 6. Going to Europe – Spain and Italy especially 7. Watching Swan Lake and any ballet for that matter. 8. Jane Austen and I have about 5 more…. but that would be way too much πŸ™‚

    • No it’s a very good list sweetness, I should get back to the watching a movie with Mr. S unfortunately I am ALWAYS on here! awww lambs and puppies *nods*. Good book, fireplaces, Europe – oh yes…. hmm where is DTA?? πŸ™‚ xxxoo

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