Deep River


Living Life Passionately

Please look at her site if you haven’t already.

I thought the line that she used so beautiful …it inspired this

I’m often a deep river
playing at being a rippling brook
my reverie unheard by others
the sound on stones

thrown across the water
mine and mine alone

you cannot see

the depth of me
or know how I feel

for words that may appear
simple may
have far greater meaning than what
you read…

a rippling brook continues
over stones
our stones
could be hurdles

there is more to me than what
I write
so much more than

contrast… unsure of how
the world will perceive

self doubt
as to.. if I’m real

14 thoughts on “Deep River

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    • I have seen..aren’t you the cutest! Thank you darling, but I don’t accept Awards anymore – however in saying that I do a post for all the nominees, so stay tuned 😉 and thank you for thinking of me and for beautiful comments that you have made. I want to actually post a voice file so YOU and others can hear my Aussie accent 😉 just have to work out how to do it 😦

      • I’m ok with you not accepting. I understand! I have a bunch of these things to catch up on.

        I would LOVE to hear you. 🙂

        And if Rob gets that Australian trip together for the group, we’ll all look you up. (Half of his blog asked to go with him when he put visiting Australia as one of his bucket list items)

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